Vlog post: Papergang Subscription Box Review

I vlogged!

This is a video review of the Papergang subscription box from Ohh Deer. It’s a monthly stationary subscription box. This is the first month I’ve received it and I love it already!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Papergang yourself, here’s a link for you.

I’m hoping to make vlogging a regular thing so watch this space!


Desk Tour

We’ve been doing lots of reorganisation in our home recently. This has included myself and Husband getting a new desk each. I haven’t had my own desk in a few years so this is pretty exciting to me. We purchased the desks from IKEA. We’ve got them arranged together to almost form one desk. It means we can easily chat to each other but still have separate spaces to ourselves.

We’ve added a shelving unit, again from IKEA, for our HP Envy printer and shared stationary stuff. We’ve bought some lovely decorative and organisational bits and pieces for our desks. Now that I’ve got my own desk to put it on, I’ve made a board on Pinterest of accessories for it. Check it out here!

Having a study space will be very useful for my final uni course. It’s always been a bit of a struggle finding quiet places in the apartment to study so this will solve that problem nicely. If you want to see a whole tour of our new desk setup, I’ve made a video of it as part of my introductory vlog video – take a look!

Thanks for reading. If you have any inspiring desk setup ideas, I’d love to hear them!

A Brief Explanation of my Blogging Break

Hello all.

I have not posted on here in about a month now. I have not abandoned this blog or anything. I am simply very busy with work, revising for an important university exam and lots of other bits and pieces that are taking up pretty much all of my time at the moment.

My exam is at the beginning of June and after that, I am committed to posting much more regularly. I’m also going to start vlogging too, which is pretty exciting. In between revision and building new furniture (more on that another time) and family stuff etc, I have made a very long list of things I’m going to blog about once I have time to do so.

I promise there’ll be more posts coming soon!