Review: Papergang Subscription Box March 2017

This month’s Papergang Box arrived at my door a couple of days ago. This is a monthly stationary box, based here in the UK. Here’s my vlog review of it:

As I said in the video, while I am happy with the box, I’m not quite as thrilled with it as I was last month. That being said, all of the items are useful for me.

Also, I mentioned in the video that there were unusually two calendars included. I contacted Ohh Deer, the company behind the Papergang box, and they got back to me very quickly to explain. Due to international customers getting their boxes a little later than us in the UK, they weren’t getting to use the calendars fully, hence a calendar being sent out a month in advance to fix this issue. I must say, both on the quick and polite reply and also on fixing a customer issue, that’s pretty good customer service!

If you’re interested in subscribing to the Papergang Box, here’s a link for you!

Hope you like the video!

Vlog post: Papergang Subscription Box Review

I vlogged!

This is a video review of the Papergang subscription box from Ohh Deer. It’s a monthly stationary subscription box. This is the first month I’ve received it and I love it already!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Papergang yourself, here’s a link for you.

I’m hoping to make vlogging a regular thing so watch this space!

Review: Toucan Box

We love craft projects here in the Appletree household. Especially crafts that end up with something useful, something that can be played with or enjoyed. I think there’s a sense of achievement in making something that actually works, rather than simply looks pretty.

Today, we made jellyfish from the bits and pieces in our Toucan Box. This is a subscription box for children which contains all of the bits and pieces and instructions for a fun craft project. Also included were a few facts about jellyfish and a few more ideas for underwater creature themed activities.


Given that Pip was studying sea creatures only a little while ago at school, she was thrilled when I told her we’d be making jellyfish and even more so when I told her we could race them!

The craft project was fairly simple to make and Pip could do much of it herself – decorating her jellyfish, threading her beads onto the ribbon, threading the ribbon through the holes.


When finished, I used to included suction cups to hang the jellyfish to our mirrors in the living room. By alternately pulling on the two pieces of yellow ribbon, you can make the jellyfish wiggle up to the top and then slide back down again (with a little persuasion!). Here’s a video to demonstrate:

We really enjoyed this activity.

If you’d like to give Toucan Box a try, follow this link and use the code APPLETREE to get your first box for free!

Please note: I received a Petite Toucan Box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

Review: JoggBox

I think I recently mentioned that I have started occasionally going for a run. I know I need to be healthier and do more exercise and running is a free and easy way of doing this, although it had become more tricky now that the evenings are darker and the weather isn’t as dry or warm. So I need a bit of extra motivation. Luckily, there’s a subscription box just for runners!


Yesterday I received the JoggBox. It’s a nicely presented green box and inside are all kinds of goodies.

P1020864There’s a booklet containing some running tips, a healthy recipe idea and a list of the other items in the box.

The Flipbelt. An innovative running belt with easily secured pouches. I think this will be really useful, especially as I love listening to music when I run.

joggbox collageBeet It Pro-Elite Beetroot & Oat Flapjack. Designed to provide the energy and nutrients you need for running. I’m hoping this will be quite tasty.

Rude Health Drinking Oats. A box of oats that are stirred into cold drinks. Full of slow release energy. I’m really not sure how nice the texture is going to be but I’ll certainly give it a try!

Battle Oats Cranberry & Blueberry Fusion. The booklet does say I’m supposed to have a dark choc chip flavour bar but given that I’m not keen on dark chocolate, I don’t mind the mistake at all! This is a high protein oat flapjack that is wheat and gluten free.

High5 EnergyGel sachets. Apple flavoured gel that you simply open and swallow after 30 minutes of exercise for an energy boost. This will easily fit into my lovely Flipbelt and might help keep me running for a little longer!

High5 Zero electrolyte tablets. Dissolve in water, designed to keep you hydrated and energised for longer. I don’t actually take a drink out on a run with me usually but maybe having this before and after a run will keep me running foP1020868r longer periods and stop me collapsing on the sofa when I get home!

Halo Non Bio Sport Detergent. A specialised washing detergent specifically for washing the sweat and odour from sportswear. I must say, I’ve never had a problem getting sweat or odour out of my clothes with my ordinary detergent but I’ll give this a try.

I’m quite impressed with the variety of items in the box and I think many of them will be quite useful and hopefully enjoyable. I’ll post more about each item as I try using them.

Please note: I received one JoggBox free of charge for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

My Geek Box: August – Quest Box

Another month and another Geek Box! The theme this month was ‘Quest’ so I took a few guesses at what might be included – perhaps World of Warcraft, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. I was correct on two counts, at least.

Here are the lovely bits and bobs we got in this month’s box:


Rivendell Dogs T-shirt. Since me and Husband agreed to take turns with having the t-shirt that is always included in the box, this month’s is mine. I was thrilled when I saw it, being a fan of both Lord of the Rings and Reservoir Dogs. This has instantly become my favourite t-shirt and it’s rather comfy too!


Game of Thrones Bookmark. Given that I’ve just received a lovely stack of set books for my upcoming uni literature course, this will come in very handy! I love the wolf design on it.


Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. I guess this is a nice novelty item but I must warn you, the ones with bad flavours genuinely taste terrible! I got rotten egg and dirt and they were genuinely revolting. On the other hand, cherry, candy floss and, rather surprisingly, grass were all rather tasty.


Collection of Hobbit postcards. I really like these, although we’ve not yet decided what we’re actually going to do with them. The Middle Earth map might get displayed somewhere on our shelf, I think.


Drogo Pop Vinyl Figure. We don’t actually watch Game of Thrones but this little guy is cool and cute in equal measure so he’ll now live on our shelf.

The theme for next month’s box is Apocalypse. We’re already taking guesses at what might be inside it!

If you fancy subscribing to My Geek Box, you can do so here!

My Geek Box July – Animation Box review

Being a household of massive geeks, when we discovered that there are a range of monthly subscription boxes filled with geeky bits and pieces, the question was not if we’d sign up but which one we’d sign up for.

We picked My Geek Box due to it being UK based, which makes everything much simpler. The box is sent by tracked Royal Mail service, which means that we get a good idea of when it’s going to arrive. Our questions to customer service have been answered very promptly, helped by being in the same time zone. Plus there’s no international post to pay for or customs to worry about – we’ve had items we’ve ordered from US stuck in customs before and then been charged to get them released.

Prices vary depending on how many months you subscribe for. One month alone is £16.99, which I think is pretty reasonable for what you get. The price decreases if you sign up for 3 or 6 months instead.

Since signing up, we’ve been eagerly counting the days to the arrival of our first box. Each month’s box has a different theme – July’s was animation. The box arrived on a weekday so I had to wait until Husband arrived at home in the evening before opening it. Inside we found:

A box of Simpsons plasters. We suspected that a Simpson item might be included. With a rather energetic small child in the house, it’s pretty handy to have some novelty plasters around to cheer her up when she has an inevitable scrape.


A Simpsons Kwik E Mart reusable shopping bag. Very useful given the bag charge here in Wales (coming to England soon, I believe). Also good as it folds into a little zipped pouch, making it convenient for carrying about in my handbag.


A figure of Jake from Adventure Time. I must admit we aren’t very familiar with this show but we have seen it and it’s a funny programme so Jake now has a place on our shelf.


A teenage mutant ninja turtles wristband. Since neither myself or Husband would really wear this, we’ve given it to Pip who has worn it nearly every day since, even though she has no idea about the show or it’s characters!


A t-shirt. Every My Geek Box contains a t-shirt so we decided that the fair way of doing things would be to take turns in having the t-shirt. This month we got one in Husbands size but we’ve now changed our profile settings so that the next one is my size. The t-shirt is an exclusive design to My Geek Box and, since we both already have quite a few geeky t-shirts, this was a really appealing feature to us.


A vinyl sticker of Kenny from South Park. This has rather conveniently covered a hole in the side of our shelving unit, caused by my becoming a little frustrated during construction and hitting it just a tad too hard with a hammer. I’m sure anyone with experience of IKEA flat packs can understand this.


All of the items in the box were good quality and exactly the kind of thing we expected and hoped for. We really enjoyed getting our My Geek Box and now we’re eagerly waiting for next month’s box with the theme of Quest. Personally, I’m hoping it’s going to contain something either World of Warcraft or Dragon Age based.

If you’re interested in signing up for your own My Geek Box subscription, you can do so here.

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