My Favourite Things to Read Online

I am guilty, as I believe many of us are these days, of spending a fair amount of my spare time reading online. Blogs, articles, news sites and, the favourite of any procrastinator, Wikipedia.

I have made it a personal goal to try and restrict this a bit more. I should be spending more time doing my own writing or just doing anything that’s a bit more productive. That’s not to say I want to cut it out altogether, just a bit. Online articles can be informative, inspirational and amusing. With that in mind, here are my favourite sites to read:

I Fucking Love Science. Written in a usually lighter tone and with citations in abundance, I find it an enjoyable and trustworthy source for science news. It’s articles are often about debunking common myths, for example the lies spread by many anti-vaccination campaigners.

Seychelles Mama. I bet most of us at some time or another have thought how awesome it would be to pack up and move somewhere tropical. Well, this lady and her family did just that. This blog is all about the realities of being expats in the Seychelles, both the pros (there are some gorgeous photos) and the cons (of which there aren’t many!).

Words from the Corner. This is actually written by my own Hubby. He started a blog in the New Year (definitely not a resolution, he makes clear) and writes on various topics. I know I’m his wife so you might think my opinion is a bit biased but really it’s good stuff. I think my favourite so far was his post on the apparently not so universal appeal of music.

Rules of Play. This is actually the blog of an independent games shop located in the shopping arcades of central Cardiff. While we lived much closer to the city centre, we could probably be found in there at least once a fortnight. Sadly, moving further out means that we visit much less regularly. However, this blog not only offers updates on the new titles they’re stocking but also suggestions of new games to try. If you’re a fan of tabletop games, even if you’re not in Cardiff, I’d suggest reading this.

Cardiff Mummy Says. A brilliant parenting blog in any case but particularly handy for me as it includes regular lists of stuff to do around Cardiff. I often look at this when I’m a bit stuck for something to do or feel like I’ve already tried everything Cardiff has to offer (I never actually have!)

So those are my favourites blogs. For news, I generally favour BBC. I know every now and then they get told off for claims of being biased but most of the time, I feel like I can trust them to give the facts, though even then I’m very cautious. With fake news being so widespread these days, I like to check sources and facts for any piece of news I hear, wherever it comes from. Fake news has stopped being about celebrity gossip and moved quickly in the realms of actually affecting politics. So it’s important to be properly informed.

Just to end with a little shameless self promotion, if you often find you’re stuck for something to read, the Bubele newsletter is released every fortnight and always has a few things going on in your area, plus competitions and a suggested article to read. Go and sign up!

Thanks for reading.


News from outside The Appletree

Today I’m going to share with you a few articles I’ve read this week:

1. Terrible weather in Britain. We’ve been very lucky that Cardiff hasn’t been too affected by this but my thoughts are with the people who’ve suffered due to the incredibly bad weather conditions we’ve been seeing in many areas of the UK since before Christmas. Fingers crossed that everyone stays safe and conditions improve soon!

2. BritMums blogging predictions. Obviously this has quite suddenly become important to me. I’m pretty pleased about most of the these. Sharing personal stories via blogging is beautiful thing and can be used to raise awareness of so many important issues, as well as offering and gaining the support of the blogging community. I’ve already decided to give BritMums Live a miss this year, given that my blog will only be six months old at the time, but I really hope I have the opportunity to go along next year – it sounds like a great event for all parenting bloggers! After so many stories of online abuse last year, a rise in online friendliness will certainly be very welcome!

3. Naked man stuck in washing machine. This story had me in a fit of giggles when I saw it this morning, mostly due to the mental image of a growing crowd of emergency service workers gathered around a washing machine, debating how to free him. Just to reassure you, the man escaped unharmed and the story contains no graphic pictures!!

I hope you’re all having a pleasant start to the week and I’ll be back with another post tomorrow!