Weekly update no.1

My blog is now a whole week old. I’ve really enjoyed writing and/or taking pictures every day. I’m also really grateful to everyone that’s been reading and liking and commenting. It’s very motivating and I really appreciate it so thanks all round!

I think it would be positive and motivational to have a weekly update of everything I’ve done towards my goals for the year.

1. To help my daughter prepare for and settle into her first year of school, starting in September.

We’ve been playing board games to help Little Pip practice her counting, improve her social skills and problem solving skills and to fire up her imagination!

2. To improve my business, through better marketing and making a larger range of products.

I’m looking into various local markets and shops where I could sell my products. I’ve also come up with a few new ideas and written out a proper schedule so that I’m making the most of my crafting time and hopefully making as many items as possible from the resources I have.

3. Complete my current Open University module and register for the next. This includes actually deciding on which the next will be as currently I haven’t a clue!

I’ve been busily writing my latest assignment piece, a screenplay adapted from a short story I wrote. I’ve never written a screenplay before but I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s now been sent off to my tutor for marking. Fingers crossed for a good result!

4. Deal with PTSD. I feel like it’s been holding me back for too long. It’s very much time I took control of it.

I contacted the mental health charity MIND and I’m now waiting for a response from them. I also blogged a little about my symptoms, which I hope will be the beginning of connecting with other people who also suffer with PTSD.

5. Not to diet. Instead, I want to make simple and easily kept up changes that will make my whole family a little healthier. If this leads to a few inches disappearing from my waist, that’s an added bonus!

I’ll be really honest. I’ve done very little towards this one. Although, I have been trying to grill more and fry less and our stash of Christmas treats is gone now so I’ve been indulging a much less than I was over Christmas. With better weather predicted for later this week, I definitely want to get outdoors for a morning walk with Pip one day before nursery.

6. Add to this blog every day, even if it is just a photograph.

Done! This has been really enjoyable, especially connecting with other bloggers through BritMums and Silent Sundays.

I’ve got lots of fun stuff planned for the next week, including reviewing Pip’s favourite books, another board game review and another Guide to Cardiff post. Enjoy and have a lovely week!


A New Kind of Normal: The Post-Christmas clear out

With Christmas now well behind us and the decorations in their new box – the old one was falling to pieces and husband got a lovely red one full of goodies, now eaten, from work – tucked away at the back of the wardrobe, it’s time to get on with normal life again. But of course, normal life cannot resume entirely just yet. With Little Pip still at home all day long, it’s impossible to begin on all of the things I want to do this year. Once she’s back to nursery for afternoons from next Tuesday, then we can get back to normal. Except normal is now a bit different.

My goals for the year are going to change what I’m doing on a day to day basis quite a bit. In order to keep this blog up to date, improve business and keep up with my uni studies, I really need to make the most of every moment of the day. In order to make this a little easier to do, I decided the house needs to be in better order before I even begin. Things need to be more organised. It’s a good time of year to do it – all of our lovely Christmas presents need places to go. Fortunately, I did consider the lack of space when I was buying Little Pip’s gifts. She got some LEGO, which easily fits into the LEGO box she already had – no extra space required. She got some board games, which easily fit in the living room with all of the other board games with minimal shuffling things about. She got some new dolls and accessories for those dolls but I found a beautiful suitcase style box in TKMaxx for them all to live in. Unfortunately she also received a sackful of wonderful gifts from friends and family so her bedroom does still need a proper Post-Christmas tidy up. Not that it’ll stay tidy for long!


I also considered our storage problems when asking for presents for myself. I asked the husband for a box to keep my sewing things in. It needs to be stylish yet practical, I told him. He did very well. I now have a beautiful Cath Kidston sewing box, which is proudly on display in our living room – very useful to have needle & thread to hand! It has lots of little pockets and compartments and even a pin cushion. However, it’s not very big. It couldn’t possibly fit in everything I need for my work. But husband, clever thing that he is, thought of a way around this. Which is why I also have a much larger plastic box, also with lots of compartments, now on the shelf in our wardrobe which used to hold a confusion of smaller boxes and packets that made finding a particular clasp or button very difficult. It’s now all organised and ready to use. Between the two boxes, they store everything for my business, minus the stock.


I’m now looking forward to Tuesday when we can get into a new daily routine. Until then, I’m going to make the most of holiday time with my Little Pip!