Tis the Season!

Christmas has officially arrived in our house. The tree is up, the presents are wrapped up underneath. We’re quite a bit more than halfway through our various advent calendars.

It’s the last day of school term today and, while I am working a few days between now and Christmas, I feel like Christmas really begins when Pip starts school holidays. I’ve had Christmas tunes on all day. I should probably apologise to my neighbours for attempting to sing along!

The tree has one new ornament this year, just as it does every year. We chose this one together – we’re all big Marvel fans and I really like the detailing on it.



The first ornament we bought, just after Husband and I visited Paris in 2008


Celebrating Pip’s first Christmas



For our first Christmas in Wales, after moving to Cardiff in 2011


For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary in 2013



Seemed very fitting for a family of Starbucks fans


This year’s ornament, celebrating our surpreme geekiness


My best wishes to you all for a happy & fun Christmas and New Year!


My Geek Box July – Animation Box review

Being a household of massive geeks, when we discovered that there are a range of monthly subscription boxes filled with geeky bits and pieces, the question was not if we’d sign up but which one we’d sign up for.

We picked My Geek Box due to it being UK based, which makes everything much simpler. The box is sent by tracked Royal Mail service, which means that we get a good idea of when it’s going to arrive. Our questions to customer service have been answered very promptly, helped by being in the same time zone. Plus there’s no international post to pay for or customs to worry about – we’ve had items we’ve ordered from US stuck in customs before and then been charged to get them released.

Prices vary depending on how many months you subscribe for. One month alone is £16.99, which I think is pretty reasonable for what you get. The price decreases if you sign up for 3 or 6 months instead.

Since signing up, we’ve been eagerly counting the days to the arrival of our first box. Each month’s box has a different theme – July’s was animation. The box arrived on a weekday so I had to wait until Husband arrived at home in the evening before opening it. Inside we found:

A box of Simpsons plasters. We suspected that a Simpson item might be included. With a rather energetic small child in the house, it’s pretty handy to have some novelty plasters around to cheer her up when she has an inevitable scrape.


A Simpsons Kwik E Mart reusable shopping bag. Very useful given the bag charge here in Wales (coming to England soon, I believe). Also good as it folds into a little zipped pouch, making it convenient for carrying about in my handbag.


A figure of Jake from Adventure Time. I must admit we aren’t very familiar with this show but we have seen it and it’s a funny programme so Jake now has a place on our shelf.


A teenage mutant ninja turtles wristband. Since neither myself or Husband would really wear this, we’ve given it to Pip who has worn it nearly every day since, even though she has no idea about the show or it’s characters!


A t-shirt. Every My Geek Box contains a t-shirt so we decided that the fair way of doing things would be to take turns in having the t-shirt. This month we got one in Husbands size but we’ve now changed our profile settings so that the next one is my size. The t-shirt is an exclusive design to My Geek Box and, since we both already have quite a few geeky t-shirts, this was a really appealing feature to us.


A vinyl sticker of Kenny from South Park. This has rather conveniently covered a hole in the side of our shelving unit, caused by my becoming a little frustrated during construction and hitting it just a tad too hard with a hammer. I’m sure anyone with experience of IKEA flat packs can understand this.


All of the items in the box were good quality and exactly the kind of thing we expected and hoped for. We really enjoyed getting our My Geek Box and now we’re eagerly waiting for next month’s box with the theme of Quest. Personally, I’m hoping it’s going to contain something either World of Warcraft or Dragon Age based.

If you’re interested in signing up for your own My Geek Box subscription, you can do so here.

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