Our Christmas

I think this Christmas has been my favourite yet. It’s been full of fun family time and lots of festive activity, plus lots of yummy food and lovely gifts!

This was our first Christmas in our current apartment, which is much larger than where we were last year. It looked lovely decorated for the festive season.

Christmas decorations

As always, I did lots of baking. Honey spiced Christmas trees, chocolate chip shortbread stars and we even built a gingerbread house – our first ever!

christmas bakes

Since last years 3ft tree was getting a little overcrowded and we would be adding another ornament this year (a family tradition you can read more about here), we needed to discard it and get a new 5ft one, plus a new set of lights. It looked brilliant, especially when topped with our new felt owls!

owls in the tree

Before Christmas, we had a few visits from family and friends, people we don’t often get to see, which was really lovely. Christmas itself, as it has been for the last few years, is spent as just the three of us; myself, Husband and Pip.

Christmas Eve was spent as it always is, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream on top and watching Muppet Christmas Carol. Once Pip was in bed, Husband and I watched Die Hard, a more grown up Christmas film.

Shockingly, we weren’t awake until nearly 8am on Christmas Day, when Pip wandered into our bedroom looking a bit sleepy. We all got up to have breakfast before presents. I made panetonne French toast, which was really tasty and a good start to the day. Then we set about opening presents. Pip had already opened all of her presents from family and friends before Christmas Day. On previous years, it’s been bit overwhelming to open it all at once and a few toys end up being almost forgotten for a few days. Instead we decided to spread it all out a bit so that she could properly enjoy everything she received. Here are just a few of her favourites:

Pip's presents

She also received two sets of Lego, clothes, craft sets, games and lots of other lovely stuff. I’ll definitely be doing some reviews of these in the new year!

I was also rather spoilt this year. I got some lovely jewellery, including a┬ábeautiful butterfly necklace from Pip (picked out with just a little help from Husband, I’m told!) and a photo album for pictures of the year to come.

My presents

Husband also took my very obvious hints and gave me an ice cream maker and also a Ben & Jerry’s recipe book. I’ve already given it a try and it produced some of the tastiest vanilla ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I’m looking forward to trying out lots of recipes, both for ice cream and some healthier frozen yoghurts and sorbets, and coming up with some of my own!

For Christmas dinner, we had roast chicken – turkey is just too big for only 3 of us! Plus there were roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, honey & mustard glazed carrots, cranberry & apple stuffing balls, Yorkshire puddings, green beans and peas. It was a real feast and I think it was my best yet, if I do say so myself!

We spent the day enjoying our new presents, playing games and, of course, watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who!

I’ve really loved this Christmas and I hope all of you have too!