Guest Post: It’s Never Too Soon to Teach Kids About Cleaning

Like many parents, I’m forever telling my child to tidy her room and pick up her toys. However, I don’t think it occurred to me until fairly recently that she’ll need to learn to do all chores eventually and there are quite a few that she could be helping out with already. I’m not saying we should be getting the children to do housework while we sit down with a cup of tea. But perhaps they could be helping out just a teeny bit more!

My guest poster is Nicole Gardiner, London-based cleaning business owner. She has a few tips to share how on to get children helping out around the house.

It’s never too soon to teach kids about cleaning

Teaching your children how to do cleaning chores will not just simply help you tremendously around the house but it will also teach them some valuable lessons which will be very helpful in their life as adults. It’s never too soon to show them how to do some simple cleaning tasks. Of course you should choose age-appropriate chores but their young age is not a reason to not teach them basic skills.


Set some rules

If you are having a hard time to make your kids to clean after their mess, you should start by showing them that there are certain rules they need to follow and there are consequences if they don’t keep those rules in mind. Tell your children that it is important to put their toys in a certain place or box before they move on the next toy. Even if they don’t pay you attention right away, you shouldn’t give in and do the decluttering on your own. Warn your kids that you will store away every toy which is laying on the floor. This will definitely motivate them after they loose a few of their favourite toys.


Teach them to declutter

This chore is hard even for adults and this is why it is important to teach your children how to properly clean their rooms from a young age. This is a very helpful skill which will be of a great help for your child when he/ she grows up to be an adult. Baskets may be great tools to make the decluttering easier. It is simpler to collect all the clothes at first and then store all the items that actually belong in the room and finally choose which toys can be kept and which can be donated. A lot of children are reluctant to throw away their old toys, however, if they are told that they can donate them to another kid and make him/ her happy, this makes the process much easier.


Let them help with the laundry

Kids can learn about sorting the laundry as early as 3 years old. In fact a lot of toddlers find the sorting of the laundry as some kind of a game. Older toddlers can even learn how to load and unload the washing machine and the dryer. If you start including your children in the laundry chores from a young age, you can be sure that by the time they become 10 years old they will be ale to do everything on their own and be a great help around the house.


Making the bed

This is probably one of the first things you can teach your kids. Show them how to make their beds properly. This is a skill which can contribute to the building of the character of your children. A good way to make the whole chore much easier is to eliminate any extra pillows or sheets, if your child doesn’t use them. This way the making of their beds will be much easier and faster.

It is never too soon to teach your children some valuable lessons. If your kid knows how to tackle some house cleaning chores from a young age, it will improve their personal skills a lot. Teaching your kids to be organized and tidy will help them to become responsible adults. Next time you do the house cleaning chores, don’t be afraid to include your little helpers in the process. The sooner you start to teach your children about cleaning, the easier it will be for them to handle difficult situations in life when they become adults.


Pop Pilates: My exercise of choice

A few years ago, I was once again in a state of temporary desperation to be fitter and healthier. I’d read or heard that pilates was supposed to be a great way to tone up so I thought it would be something to do alongside the jogging I’d started doing. I went on YouTube and searched for ‘Beginners Pilates’. What I found was this video.

For a couple of weeks, I followed this workout every other day, jogging in my local park on the other days. I started feeling stronger and healthier.

I can’t remember what derailed that particular attempt at shedding some of my excess pounds and becoming a healthier person. Maybe it was school holidays or Easter or Christmas or something. To be honest, it could have been a big takeaway curry. My willpower is my greatest enemy.

Anyway, last summer, I found myself eager to try exercise and healthy eating again. Without much consideration, I turned straight back to that video. It was, for exercise, reasonably enjoyable and it was only 30 minutes long so I could fit it into small spaces of spare time. But this time, I actually looked into the person who made and stars in the video: Cassey Ho. She’s a super perky exercise instructor, plus she’s that little bit more realistic than some instructors I’ve used the videos of. It turns out, Pop Pilates is her own form of pilates, designed to be more fun and energetic than the traditional classes. I went on the Blogilates website and found the Beginner’s Workout Calendar. I followed it diligently for four weeks and then continued for a couple of months after that, using the videos I really enjoyed (yes, actually enjoyed) and I found were working best for me.

I lost 1.5 stone in those few months. I felt so much more energetic, healthy and strong. I know I probably sound like a cheesy advert right now but it’s true!

Now three months of regular exercise and healthy eating is pretty amazing for me. But inevitably, it all ended when we went on holiday at the end of summer. I told myself I’ll forget the exercise for a few days and try to be careful with eating. Well, a few days spent at Husband’s grandmother’s house and a day trip to a theme park (ice cream and burgers galore!) and I had gone totally off plan. Then it was back to work and school routine and I completely lost my motivation. I’ve now gained back half a stone.

Now January has rolled around and, despite a slight lack of real motivation (if you read my last post, you’ll know what I mean), I know I need to give a healthy lifestyle another try. The way I see it, if I can lose a stone each year overall, I’ll be my ideal weight by the time I’m 30!

I’ll be going back to the Blogilates Beginners Calendar again. It worked before and I’m hoping it’ll work again. I genuinely recommend this exercise programme to anyone who’s been interested in trying pilates but is a little reluctant or unsure of where to begin.

Good luck to anyone else embarking on a January diet!

Thanks for reading.

(P.S I wasn’t asked to write this review of Blogilates. It’s entirely my own opinion)

Back Into Routine

The summer holidays are over.

We’re all back at work and school.

We had such a brilliant six weeks. We spent lots of time outdoors in the sunshine. We went to the National Museum in Cardiff. We had a day at Bristol Zoo. We had family come to visit. We spent a few days in London, including a day at Chessington World of Adventures – somewhere neither me nor Pip had ever been before!


Pip also completed the Summer Reading Challenge for the second year in a row. She’s already excited about being presented with her medal at school.

Today is her first day of Year 2. I was a little sad dropping her off this morning. I’ve (mostly) loved our summer together. She seemed very excited about getting back to school, which was good to see.

I’ve been a bit naughty over the last couple of weeks. After losing one and a half stone in June and July, I let things slide a bit while we had guests and then while we were in London. I haven’t been exercising much and I’ve eaten all kinds of unhealthy foods. I’m terrified of what the scales will say when I next step on them! I’ve decided to give myself a week to get back on track before I do. I’m throwing myself straight back into diet mode this week, although I’m working nearly every day so fitting exercise in around that plus school runs plus housework and everything else will be difficult. I might try some HIIT workouts, as I know they can be pretty quick but still effective. Wish me luck!

This is the first September in many years that I haven’t had a new university course to start. I’m feeling a little unproductive. So I’ve decided to try and get into a good writing routine. I must try and finish a whole story, rather than flitting between them and never getting any results. Of course, this is yet another thing to fit in amongst everything else but I must try!

How was your summer? Are you glad to be getting back into a routine or are you missing the holidays already?