A Fresh Start: Less uni, more blog

FullSizeRender 3I have finally finished my university studies!

Ok, I haven’t had the results back so I have yet to actually get my degree but still, my final assessment has been submitted!

In one sense, it’s a big relief and I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. Six years of hard work is over and now I’m reaping the benefits. I might not have the certificate in my hands just yet, but I feel like I’ve learnt so much and really gained a lot of confidence from studying. It’s been a genuinely worthwhile, fulfilling experience.

In another sense, I’m feeling a bit daunted. I’m not a student anymore. And it’s more than just paying full price at the cinema. There’s a big empty space in my very identity. A part of my life has just ended and I’m looking forward to the rest of it and, professionally speaking, it’s a bit of a blank page right now. And any writer knows how terrifying those are.

But I do have ideas. Lots of ideas. Blogging ideas and novel writing ideas (and even a synopsis at the ready!). Now I’ve got time for it, I really want to throw myself into it and give it my best shot.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here from now on!






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