My January 2016

I feel like this month has gone by very slowly. Christmas feels like so long ago.

Looking back on the goals I’ve set myself for this year, I’ve made pretty good progress this month.

I wanted to visit ten new places this year. I’ve already been to one. Last week I took a walk to Llandaff Cathedral. It has been recommended to me from a number of sources as a beautiful building, well worth seeing. I worked out that walking there and back would take me about three hours. After weeks of being stuck indoors while the weather was utterly miserable outside, being outdoors for a few hours in the sunshine was really wonderful, even if it was pretty chilly!

I’ve been busy with studying this month, making progress towards completing my degree – another of my goals. I’ve just completed my third assessment of my uni course, an essay written about the play of Peter Pan. The text itself was pretty simple and obviously I already knew the story, as I think most people do. The analysis was a bit more complex than I was expecting though – a good challenge. Reading the play also added towards my goal of reading twelve new books this year – bonus!

I wanted to try out some new activities this year and also teach Pip some new skills. I managed to do something towards both of these this month as we had our first go at loom bands. Yes, I know we’re a bit late to the party but Pip is really only just reaching the point where she can really concentrate enough to do this. We’ve really enjoyed coming up with different patterns and designs.

Trying out twelve new recipes was another goal for me. I’ve tried two this month – coq au vin and beef stew, both in my new slow cooker. Husband and I both really enjoyed the coq au vin and I cooked it again when we had some guests over for dinner. I really liked the beef stew but neither Husband nor Pip were very keen so I don’t think I’ll be making it again!

Filling my new photo album is proving to be quite as much of a challenge as I thought it would be. I need to add about six pictures per week. This is fine at weekends when we’re busy with fun stuff but on ordinary week days, there aren’t many opportunities for photography.

I’ve had a little try at some comic book style drawing. If I can improve enough, this might be the way I go for my creating a piece of art goal. So far, I’m reasonably pleased with my efforts as a beginner. I’ll just have to keep trying and see how much better I can do.

So it’s been a good month, especially for January which are notoriously a bit crap. On with February!






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