Ten Goals for 2016

I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to achieve this year. About halfway through 2016, my degree will be complete. I’ll have no more studying to get on with. I want to make sure my extra time isn’t wasted. So here are my goals for the next year:

  1. Going fossil hunting. I thought it would be nice to pick just one thing from last year to do again this year. It’s a great day out and it would be nice for Pip to have another go now that she’s had a little practice. She hugely enjoyed it but didn’t find much herself last time so it would be nice to see her makes some of her own discoveries!
  2. Visit at least 10 new places. I’ve got a really long list of places I’d like to visit and I want to at least tick ten off the list this year. We’re not planning a holiday for this year so I’d like to make sure we still have plenty of adventures.
  3. Try out 5 new activities. I was a ridiculously shy and cautious child and now that I’m an adult (still feels weird to say that), I’d like to make up for lots of opportunities I turned down. I can’t ride a bike, for example, and I’d really like to learn to.
  4. Try out 12 new recipes. It’s far too easy to get stuck in a routine with cooking. We probably have about ten different meals I serve up over and over again. I want to be a little more adventurous and offer my family more variety food-wise. One new recipe a month should be easy to stick to.
  5. Fill my photo album. I filled a 200 slot album last year. This year, I popped on Amazon to get another for this year and bought a rather pretty one without realising it holds 300 photos. So I’ve accidentally just given myself an even bigger challenge than last year.
  6. Graduate. Yes, the final year of university is finally here. It feels like I’ve been studying forever and while I’m really excited to be finished, I’m also a little daunted by the prospect of the gaping hole it’s going to leave in my life. But anyway, hurrah for graduation!
  7. Read 12 books. This should be helped along by studying as I’ve got quite a few set books to get through on my current course. Once university is done with, I’ll be able to actually pick out some books for myself, something I haven’t really done in about six years!
  8. Produce a piece of art. Husband suggested this one and I’m glad he did. I’m not very artistically talented but I do enjoy drawing and painting so I’m looking forward to spending some time on this.
  9. Complete a computer game. I love gaming, mostly RPGs. Dragon Age: Origins was probably my favourite ever. But so often I start them and never finish, due to other things distracting me. This year I really want to start and finish a good computer game (suggestions are welcome!).
  10. Teach Pip 5 new skills. As a parent, I see this as a really important goal. These aren’t going to be academic things, since we do those anyway. They’re going to be practical skills. Things that might help her to be a happy, well-rounded person when she leaves home someday. It should be lots of fun too – she loves learning new things and it’ll all be enjoyable stuff, nothing too arduous or boring.

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