My November

November has been a quiet month, as it always seem to be for me. Its the lull between the excitement of the summer, which always seem to spill over into September, right up to Pip’s birthday, and the excitement of Christmas, which seems to dominate the whole of December.

I have started preparing for Christmas already though. I took a trip into town, mostly for window shopping, gathering ideas of what I might buy. Of course, as with all of my window shopping trips, I did come home with a couple of little bits!

I’ve already wrapped the presents I’ve bought. I don’t leave them unwrapped as then there can’t be any temptation for anyone to peek (let’s face it, I mean my husband as much as I do my daughter).

We were considering going to Sparks in the Park, the big fireworks display in central Cardiff but in the end Pip had a friend’s birthday party to attend and that appealed to her much more than standing outside in the cold. I’m actually fairly glad we didn’t go – I’ve since heard a few stories of people waiting ages to get their tickets.

I did bake some Ninjabread men. I’ve had these cutters for years but they’ve been left forgotten in the cupboard for quite some time. I’m glad Husband suggested digging them out. I haven’t done much baking lately and I do really enjoy it.


Of course, there was Remembrance week. I find it really important to instil the message of this with Pip. She had her poppy, of course, and we spoke at length about why we wear them and about the various wars soldiers have fought in to defend our country, as well as other countries.


We finally watched Ant-Man. As big Marvel fans, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this and we weren’t disappointed. It had that great mix of action with comedy we’ve all come to expect and love! We also started watching the new Jessica Jones series on Netflix. It’s certainly much more adult than the comic book inspired films and TV series we’ve watched so far. David Tennant gives a brilliant, if extremely creepy performance as Kilgrave, the psychotic, mind-controlling villain.

In general, things carry on pretty much as normal in November. Now it’s time to start getting excited because Christmas is well on the way!


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