A Fishy Delivery

This morning, my new fish arrived. They were delivered by post, from the website Aquatics To Your Door. They were very well packaged and all were alive and so far appear to be healthy (I say that because some health issues aren’t immediately apparent).

I went through the acclimatisation process one bag of fish at a time. This involves floating the closed bag in the tank for about twenty minutes (I was given advice both longer and shorter so I went for an average) then very carefully letting them out into the tank. I kept the lights off all the time and for an hour after all fish were in the tank.

I have one Siamese Fighter, or Betta fish, eight neon tetras and two blue platys. The Siamese Fighter hasn’t shown much aggression at all, something the species can be somewhat known for! It flared it’s gills once at a platy but since has been swimming around with the others for hours with no problems. Unfortunately, I’m yet to get a decent picture of a platy as they’re very fast moving.

IMG_0275   IMG_0284


I’ve also added in some new stones and live plants.


I’m really pleased with how the tank looks and how the fish are getting on so far. I’ll be testing the water tomorrow and doing a water change if needed.


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