Turning Twenty Six and a Gift of Geeky Brilliance

Recently it was my 26th birthday. It was quiet, yet lovely. It was spent with family, eating cake, enjoying gifts and generally having a nice time.

For my birthday, my rather lovely husband ordered me a gift from Shabby Geek Box. This rather wonderful company takes from you a list of your favourite films, games and other geeky stuff (and obviously some cash) and then sends you a big box full of stuff associated with your chosen themes.

Usually, my husband cannot help but give me clues about what I might be getting and that’s if he hasn’t given up and just asked me what I’d like. Plus, if Pip finds out what any presents are, it’s pretty much impossible for them to then be kept a secret. On a few occasions, she’s approached the intended recipient, whispered what the gift is at them then told them very firmly not to tell anyone because it’s supposed to be a surprise.

But with a box from the Shabby Geek, nobody knows what I’m getting so it’s a guaranteed surprise but at the same time it’s very likely going to be stuff I’ll like and want because I chose the themes. As it happens, I loved all of it. The contents were: two mugs (one Harry Potter, one Twilight), two Pop Vinyl figurines (one Severus Snape, one a gold Dalek), a set of Doctor Who Stickers, a Doctor Who lamp, a set of four coasters each with a Hogwarts house coat of arms on it, a Hunger Games bag, a Doctor Who comic, a Dalek cushion cover and a little pack of Haribo sweets. It was brilliant.


You know, I had been concerned that moving into my later twenties might mean I’d suddenly become very serious and mature. Having received a big box of geeky bits and bobs for my birthday and been completely thrilled with it, I’m now secure in the knowledge that I’ll still be my usually silly self for at least another year yet!

Please note: I wasn’t asked to write this by Shabby Geek Box nor have I been compensated in any way for this review. I genuinely just think they’re a good company and deserved a bit of nice promotion.


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