Getting Ready for a New School Year

This time of year feels far more like a fresh start to me than actual New Years. The end of summer holidays means that Pip will be heading into a new year of school but also I’ll be starting my new (and last!) university course soon. I like to be prepared well in advance and have my desk ready with everything I’ll need.

I do have quite a love of stationary. My train of thought tends to be a bit chaotic so being ultra organised really helps me keep on top of my studies, plus all of the other stuff on my never ending To Do list! I have a deskpad, something I find really helpful for being always close to hand for random but important notes – the kind I might lose if I wrote it on a post-it or scrap of paper. There’s also our elephant, shared between me and the Husband (our desks are pushed together) that can be written on with dry-wipe marker pens. Both of these came from Paperchase, a store I really love for their useful yet quirky stationary.

IMG_0147 IMG_0146

I currently have just one notebook, again from Paperchase. As it’s my only notebook, I note down everything from writing ideas to shopping lists and random ideas (recently lots of ideas for a certain little lady’s upcoming birthday party!). Ideally, I really need three notebooks – one for writing ideas, one for any random scribblings and one for university notes.


I have a new lamp for my desk. We already had a good lamp to share between our desks but it’s nice to have my own one, plus as a huge geek and Doctor Who fan, I love the design.


Cups of tea are an essential part of my writing and studying. So I keep a coaster on my desk. Until recently, it was a Duff Beer mat. Then I was gifted this gorgeous set of Hogwarts coasters that fit together like a puzzle. Since I’ll be studying Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for my Children’s Literature course this year, it seems like a perfect addition. When all of the pieces are together, it’s large enough for my mug and a couple of cheeky biscuits – very handy!


As someone who doesn’t regularly act her age, I like to keep a few fun things on my desk, just to keep it looking like the happy creative space I want it to be. Currently I keep my Red Panda stuffed toy and a Severus Snape Pop Vinyl figure on there. I am planning to add more Pop Vinyl figures.


A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new cork noticeboard to hang above the desk too. It’ll mostly be for displaying little posters, postcards and photographs but I’m hoping to also put up some motivational quotes or pictures and I’ve also pinned up a family calendar, so that we all know what’s going on and when. I’m using some pretty pom pom push pins from Paperchase (that’s some great alliteration, right there). I’ve already got my eye on some very cute little frog push pins too.


We seem to be fairly well-stocked in terms of pens, pencils, highlighters etc so I don’t think I’ll need anymore of those.

For family and student use, we have a HP Envy printer with a subscription to Instant Ink. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It’s cheap, simple and means you will never run out of ink. Your printer simply sends a message to HP when it’s supplies are running low and more cartridges are sent out to you, along with a little bag to send back your old cartridges for recycling. As technologically savvy as I like to imagine myself to be, this still feels like some kind of witchcraft to me. Plus, because you pay a monthly charge for a number of pages, not an amount of ink, it doesn’t matter what you’re printing – such as high quality colour photographs – you’re not going to get charged extra for it as long you remain within that number of pages.

What are your favourite stationary items? How do you keep your desk organised?


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