A Day at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Yesterday we had a family day out to Bristol Zoo Gardens.

We’ve been before, about two years ago. Long enough that Pip couldn’t remember it, making it feel like a new adventure.

I’ve been wanting to go again. Partly because there are bits we didn’t get to do before and also because the Gorilla enclosure was not finished for a our first visit and I was eager to see it.

I’ve always loved visiting zoos, farms and wildlife reserves. Any opportunity to see some wildlife. Both me and Pip are very enthusiastic about the natural world so a trip to the zoo is very exciting for us.

Bristol Zoo, amongst many other similar institutions, are dedicated to conservation efforts to save many of the world’s most endangered species. Pip is surprisingly passionate about conservation for such a young person. She watched a documentary about gorillas a while ago and was very upset to hear that they were being poached to the point that one day, there might not be any left. She was determined that she wanted to do something to help. So, we adopted one of the Western Lowland Gorillas that live at Bristol Zoo Gardens. A baby called Kukena. So yesterday’s trip was particularly special because Pip was able to see her little gorilla, playing happily with his family.

Capybaras & Tapirs, all huddled together out of the rain

Capybaras & Tapirs, all huddled together out of the rain




One of my favourite moments of the day was seeing a gorgeous little family of Ring-tailed Lemurs, including a baby clinging to an adult’s back. It was difficult to know who the parents were, since childcare duties seemed to be shared out between them all!

Ring-tailed Lemurs

                     Ring-tailed Lemurs

I faced my fear of flying insects to go in the butterfly forest. I’m glad I because they were very beautiful and thankfully none of them attempted to land on me!


Owl Butterfly

I was a little sad that the weather was bad. It didn’t spoil the day too much, since there’s so much indoors to see, but it did prevent us feeding the Lorikeets, something I was quite forward to!

My favourite animals, the Red Pandas, were hiding up in their tree so all I got to see of it was a fluffy striped tail hanging down but never mind. I find it much better for zoos to provide enclosures as close as possible to the animals’ natural habitats, including places they can have some privacy. Even if we don’t get to see them, at least we know they’re happier!

It was a great family day out – I recommend it to all


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