Days out in Cardiff: Roath Park

During May half term, myself and Pip took a trip to one of Cardiff’s largest parks, Roath Park. I’ve been wanting to go for a while, given that we’ve visited most of the other major parks in the area and we do love exploring new places.

On arrival, we first took a walk around the lake, spotting the different kinds of ducks and geese there.

FullSizeRender 91

While it would have been really lovely to have a boat ride on the lake, it was a very windy and surprisingly chilly day, especially by the water, and I thought it best to stay on dry land!

FullSizeRender 99 FullSizeRender 103

I let Pip have some time in the playground next. It’s a well-equipped play area with equipment for younger and older children. Always one for making new friends, Pip was soon running around with a group of other children. I can never quite get over how confident she is – you’d never have seen me approaching children I didn’t know to play with at that age!

Next we had a walk through the gardens, which really beautifully kept. Our walk took us to Roath Park Conservatory. There’s a small charge (£1 each, if I remember correctly) for admission but I think it was well worthwhile. Inside are a huge range of exotic plants plus a large pond filled with koi carp of varying sizes – some really huge! – and a few terrapins. Pip loved watching them paddle through the water so we stayed here for quite a while.

FullSizeRender 73

Here’s a video of our day in Roath Park:


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