Half Term Plans

Next week is half term for Pip. As I am, by nature, a very chaotic sort of person with a memory like a sieve, I like to be ultra organised for any occasions or school holidays so that she doesn’t end up bored and we make the most of the time together. However, I have learnt over the last couple of years that actually scheduling activities for each day of a week simply doesn’t work. Weather forecasts can change very suddenly or turn out to be completely wrong, events can be cancelled or rearranged or illness can strike. So instead of intricately planning every moment of every day, I’ve simply made a list of activities I’d like to try and get through during the week.

  •  Library visit. We adore books and we’ve read every book at home many times. While Pip still enjoys them, it’s great to supplement our collection with some borrowing from our local library. With the recent fantastic news that Cardiff’s libraries are no longer being threatened with closure for the time being (Hurray!), I definitely want us to visit the library at least once next week. While the final decision is up to her, I try to encourage a good mix of fiction and non-fiction books, books that she can read and books that I can read to her. I think this makes the most of the huge selection on offer.  Normally I’d treat myself to something new to read too but with my literature course in full swing, I’ve already got a full reading schedule!
  • Making pancakes. Tuesday is Pancake Day and I can’t wait to make some. I’m hoping to get Pip involved in every aspect of this task, from helping me think up some tasty toppings, to helping me buy ingredients at the shop, mixing the batter and then putting toppings on the cooked pancakes. I think it’ll be lots of fun with plenty of learning going on at the same time.
  • Learning about Chinese New Year. This is next Thursday (19th February) and I’m going to use the occasion to teach Pip about China and Chinese culture. As a nice crafty activity, I think we’ll make some Chinese flags and lanterns and then have some Chinese food for lunch or dinner. Celebratory days are a great way of introducing children to different cultures and teaching them about different places around the world.
  • A day out. I always like to have one big day out during a half term. At the moment, I’m planning to take Pip to the beach at Penarth. We haven’t been to Penarth in years, since before we actually moved here and Pip was too little to remember that so it’ll be a new place to her. It’s also reputedly a great place to find fossils so I thought we’d do a little hunting as Pip recently expressed an interest in starting her own collection. It’ll also be a nice opportunity for some photography. Of course, this all depends on weather so I’ve also got a few indoor places like museums as a back up plan but at the moment, the forecast is looking ok.
  •  Visit from a friend. I’ve arranged for a school friend to come and play one day next week. It’ll be nice for Pip to get some social time outside of school. Pip’s hoping to share some of her favourite tabletop games and with such a large collection, it should keep them entertained for a long while.
  • Lots of little activities. For the times in between the big things I have planned, I’ve also got lots of little things too. Worksheets, colouring in sheets, art & craft, reading, films to watch and, of course, loads of games to play. These not only  keep Pip entertained for the entire week but also mean that if something does go wrong, we’ve got plenty to keep us busy in any case.

Obviously there’ll be lots of blog posts all about what we’ve gotten up to so watch out for those.

What are your favourite ways to spend half term? Have you got any exciting plans?


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