Anonymous Blogging

I am an anonymous blogger. You, my dear reader, do not know my real name or the real names of my family members. You do not know what I look like. You do not know where I live, beyond being somewhere in Cardiff, quite a large city.

There are reasons for this. Reasons I am not going to dwell on here. I decided last year that this blog is going to be a positive one, about fun and family life. If you’re longtime reader (or you’re one of the family members or friends that read this) you’ll know the reasons. You could even look at my much older posts to find out why. All I shall say is to assure you that I have very good reasons.

What I want to really talk about in this post are the challenges of anonymous blogging and how I’ve tried to overcome them.

Challenge no. 1 – Lack of familiarity

While my personal feeling is that my inner self is who I am, rather than the body I inhabit (yes, I’m getting all philosophical now. You can blame my recent studying of the Romantics!), I do know that if you can see someone’s face and hear their voice, you can feel as if you know them. You can picture them in your mind while you read their writing. I do worry that my readers don’t feel like they can really know me without photos of me.

I have tried to overcome this problem, firstly, by being totally honest. My readers get my honest feelings and opinions. You get to know how I spend my time and what I enjoy. I like to think that through my writing, you get a sense of who I am. I hope so, anyway. I also have tried to include as much in the way of photographs as possible, plus a few videos that even include my voice. I hope that this helps to get a sense of me as a real person, rather than just a blog.

Challenge no. 2 – Limitations 

I have had to turn down reviews that would require photographs of me or my daughter using something. I can’t take part in blogger challenges or linkys that would similarly involve personal photos. This really limits what I can do on my blog and how much I can be involved in the blogging community, something I would love to do more of.

As for the reviews, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll continue to review products and places that I can and try not to let it get me down. As I already said, I do try to include lots of photographs on this blog but I think I could be doing more. I need to try and think more creatively about photography so that I don’t feel so limited and the blog doesn’t appear to be limited to readers. If I’m aiming to present a blog about family life and fun then there should be more to show that. I will try my best to improve on this one!

Challenge no. 3 – No real life interaction

I considered going to an event like Britmums Live but the horrible truth is that I simply can’t do it. I can’t expect other bloggers to keep my identity a secret. Photographs could be taken and captioned and then I’d have to give up blogging altogether, which I would hate. I have met one blogger in real life but it seemed a bit silly to try and hide who I was from her when she is the co-owner of my local games shop, Rules of Play, which we visit quite a lot and I review just about everything we buy from there.

The only thing I can do to even try and overcome this is to try and connect with other bloggers and the blogging community online as much as I can. I read and comment on other blogs, I take part in linkys and challenges that I’m able to and I’m pretty active on social media. There is, of course, always room to improve and I’m going to keep trying harder to connect with bloggers more.

I hope this post has helped anyone else who blogs anonymously or has just given more of an insight into anonymous blogging. It’s challenging but, I think, also rewarding. I love blogging and I hope I’m creating a blog that my readers enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Anonymous Blogging

  1. If it’s any consolation, part of the reason I’m not really blogging at the moment is that I am growing more and more uncomfortable about how my kids will view it now they are venturing online…I wish I’d started anonymously now! x

    • I know what you mean, I often wonder how Pip will feel about me writing all about her and sharing it with complete strangers. As she’s the kind of person that bursts into song in the middle of supermarket, I’m hoping she’ll be fine with it!

  2. I went to the Britmums awards one year but not for the full day. It was being nominated in the award for my old blog Mamacook which forced me to be more confident about it but I still know of (popular) bloggers who manage to keep their identities secret to a degree.

    I don’t think it’s inevitable to come out of the closet and I also think it is possible to have some interaction without revealing who you are. Some people who go to events like these are actually people who want to start blogging. Pretend you’re one of them and don’t reveal who you are if that’s what you want to do?

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