Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


Today we put up our Christmas tree and decorations. Our tree is special. Before our first Christmas as an engaged couple, Husband came up with an idea, to get one Christmas tree ornament each year, to commemorate each year we’re together. Our first family Christmas tradition. We’ve kept it up, adding one ornament each year. This year we’ve bought our seventh and we’ve bought a larger tree as the old 3ft one was getting a little crowded. We try to pick ornaments that mean something to us.

2008 – Paris BaubleP1020882

In December 2008, about a month after getting engaged, me and Husband took a trip to Paris. It was our first trip away together and we wanted to have a souvenir to remember it. This was how the Christmas ornament tradition was born.

2009 – A First Christmas Bauble


By the next Christmas, we were married with a baby. It was Pip’s first Christmas, although she was only a few months old and had no clue what was going on!

2010 – Fairy


We wanted something that wasn’t a bauble this year, something a little different. Pip had already had a first Christmas but now she was just over a year old and a bit more aware of everything. Ok, she didn’t exactly get what Christmas was but she was very excited by it! This fairy is to commemorate the first Christmas when she could enjoy the festive season.

2011 – Cymru Bauble


This was our first year living in Wales. This was a massive change in our lives and definitely needed to be remembered in Christmas ornament form. We bought this from Cardiff Castle.

2012 – Joy Bauble


This is probably the least special bauble. Compared to previous years, this one was a bit boring. We moved house but only still within Cardiff. There wasn’t really anything big to commemorate. However, we were all very happy in our family life and so a bauble that said ‘joy’ seemed appropriate.

2013 – TARDIS


2013 marked the 50th anniversary our family’s favourite television programme, Doctor Who. Not only that, watching the Christmas episode has become one of the day’s highlights, as we all put down our presents and watch together. The TARDIS represents how we were growing as a family, how we shared this interest.

2014 – Pair Of Owls


We let Pip pick this year’s ornament. This was a bit of a gamble as she might have picked something rubbish and we’d have been stuck with it! But we told her it needed to be something special and also that it would be nice to have something a bit different from our other ornaments and she seemed to really take that on board. She picked this pair of felt owls because we didn’t have anything else fabric on the tree, my favourite bird is an owl and she thought it being a boy and a girl owl reminded her of Mummy and Daddy, which I thought was very cute. All great reasons and I really like this one.

I love our Christmas tree ornament tradition. It really feels like we’re building memories. Each year we’ll be able to talk about why we got each one and what happened that year. It has real sentimental value.

What Christmas traditions do your family have?


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