Review: Toucan Box

We love craft projects here in the Appletree household. Especially crafts that end up with something useful, something that can be played with or enjoyed. I think there’s a sense of achievement in making something that actually works, rather than simply looks pretty.

Today, we made jellyfish from the bits and pieces in our Toucan Box. This is a subscription box for children which contains all of the bits and pieces and instructions for a fun craft project. Also included were a few facts about jellyfish and a few more ideas for underwater creature themed activities.


Given that Pip was studying sea creatures only a little while ago at school, she was thrilled when I told her we’d be making jellyfish and even more so when I told her we could race them!

The craft project was fairly simple to make and Pip could do much of it herself – decorating her jellyfish, threading her beads onto the ribbon, threading the ribbon through the holes.


When finished, I used to included suction cups to hang the jellyfish to our mirrors in the living room. By alternately pulling on the two pieces of yellow ribbon, you can make the jellyfish wiggle up to the top and then slide back down again (with a little persuasion!). Here’s a video to demonstrate:

We really enjoyed this activity.

If you’d like to give Toucan Box a try, follow this link and use the code APPLETREE to get your first box for free!

Please note: I received a Petite Toucan Box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.


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