Review: JoggBox

I think I recently mentioned that I have started occasionally going for a run. I know I need to be healthier and do more exercise and running is a free and easy way of doing this, although it had become more tricky now that the evenings are darker and the weather isn’t as dry or warm. So I need a bit of extra motivation. Luckily, there’s a subscription box just for runners!


Yesterday I received the JoggBox. It’s a nicely presented green box and inside are all kinds of goodies.

P1020864There’s a booklet containing some running tips, a healthy recipe idea and a list of the other items in the box.

The Flipbelt. An innovative running belt with easily secured pouches. I think this will be really useful, especially as I love listening to music when I run.

joggbox collageBeet It Pro-Elite Beetroot & Oat Flapjack. Designed to provide the energy and nutrients you need for running. I’m hoping this will be quite tasty.

Rude Health Drinking Oats. A box of oats that are stirred into cold drinks. Full of slow release energy. I’m really not sure how nice the texture is going to be but I’ll certainly give it a try!

Battle Oats Cranberry & Blueberry Fusion. The booklet does say I’m supposed to have a dark choc chip flavour bar but given that I’m not keen on dark chocolate, I don’t mind the mistake at all! This is a high protein oat flapjack that is wheat and gluten free.

High5 EnergyGel sachets. Apple flavoured gel that you simply open and swallow after 30 minutes of exercise for an energy boost. This will easily fit into my lovely Flipbelt and might help keep me running for a little longer!

High5 Zero electrolyte tablets. Dissolve in water, designed to keep you hydrated and energised for longer. I don’t actually take a drink out on a run with me usually but maybe having this before and after a run will keep me running foP1020868r longer periods and stop me collapsing on the sofa when I get home!

Halo Non Bio Sport Detergent. A specialised washing detergent specifically for washing the sweat and odour from sportswear. I must say, I’ve never had a problem getting sweat or odour out of my clothes with my ordinary detergent but I’ll give this a try.

I’m quite impressed with the variety of items in the box and I think many of them will be quite useful and hopefully enjoyable. I’ll post more about each item as I try using them.

Please note: I received one JoggBox free of charge for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.


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