Game Review: Timeline Inventions

A short review today for a short game called Timeline by Asmodee. There are a few different versions, some which I’d like to try, but right now we just have the Inventions version.


The concept of this game is simple; you try to place your cards in the correct place within the timeline and the person to place all of their cards first is the winner. However, it can be pretty tricky to work out where some of the cards should go. There is a nice learning element to this game as you discover when important inventions occurred throughout human history. Although she’s a little young for it at the moment, I think the Timeline series will be great fun for Pip in the future, as well as a great learning tool. This would also make a great game for playing with company, definitely something to think about with Christmas (yes, I said the C word but it is November now!) only a couple of months away.


The game comes in a rather lovely looking tin – it’s always a bonus when a game looks nice on the shelf! The cards are really well illustrated too and overall I really like the look of the game.


As short games go, I really like this one and I hope to try out more of the Timeline series soon!


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