A Happy Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and we had a great day. It was definitely the highlight of our half term.

We baked special Halloween cakes with chocolate and orange sprinkles on top.


We made bats and pumpkin lanterns from card to hang around the house.


We watched a spooky film, Nightmare Before Christmas. I haven’t seen this in years and Pip never had before. She was singing the songs for the rest of the day so I think this film will be watched again soon – it’s rather handily both a Halloween and Christmas film!

We went to a Halloween fancy dress party at our local leisure centre. Pip dressed up as a spooky fairy and had a brilliant time.

We played with glow sticks, takingĀ it in turns to hide them and then the others have to find them.

We read some of the spooky story we picked at the library earlier this week: The Little Ghost by Otfried Preussler. So far, we’re both really enjoying this book.


I hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!


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