Half Term Plans

I cannot believe how quickly Pip’s first half term at school has gone by. She’s spent the past weeks having loads of fun, learning lots of new and exciting things and meeting lots of new people and making friends. This is great and all but it has put a bit of extra pressure on this half term holiday. I really, really don’t want being at home to be a boring alternative to being at school. It would make the week pretty miserable for us both. So I need to make up for the fact that I simply don’t have the same resources at home, nor can I provide 30 children for her to play with all day, every day. To achieve this, planning is essential. So here are my plans for next week.


I’m really hoping that for at least a few hours on one day next week, it won’t rain so that we can go outdoors with our cameras. Pip is still really enjoying this hobby and I like encouraging her to do something creative, with the added bonus that there’s no mess or clearing up involved afterwards.

Craft activities:

Of course, I can’t avoid mess altogether and I do really like craft. Rather handily, Pip has two craft kits from her birthday that we can busy ourselves with for probably a few hours. One is a dinosaur moulding and painting kit and the other is a plain photograph frame to be painted and decorated. I’m hoping that we manage the previous activity on my list so that she’s got something good to go in the frame when it’s finished.


Our local library is, if I’m honest, a bit rubbish. It’s rarely open, it’s about the size of a small corner shop and, when I’ve briefly looked through the windows, it looks a bit miserable in there. Luckily, there’s another library within walking distance that’s much better. It has a lovely big children’s area with a huge variety of titles, everything from picture books to young adult novels. I’d really like to start reading the first Harry Potter book to Pip soon but last time they didn’t have it and I lost my own collection years ago. Fingers crossed it’s there next week….although, that seems really unlikely, given that it’s half term.


For her birthday, Pip was given a rather lovely pair of Hello Kitty in line roller skates. She’s been desperate to try them out but the weather has just not been good enough – I know a bit of slipping over is bound to happen but I’d rather prevent it as much as possible. As with the photography, this activity happening really depends on whether or not it rains for the entire week.


All of the local museums put on fun activities during half term. This means time spent with other children doing something educational and enjoying it. It kind of ticks all of the half term activity boxes, doesn’t it?

Board Games:

Obviously. If ever there’s an hour to spare or we’re generally stuck for something to do, we always turn to the huge collection of games we own. They’re fun and they’re something we can do together whatever the weather is like. We’ve also got quite a few smaller, shorter games to fill little spaces in the day, like when we’re waiting for food to cook or paint to dry.


Pip is ridiculously excited about Halloween. Of course, when she gets excited about something, it tends to be contagious and now I’m rather excited about it myself. I’ve been busily coming up with all kinds of Halloween activities we can do, spooky food we can eat and scary yet child friendly films we can watch. I’ve got some Halloween themed colouring in pages printed and ready and I’ve been looking up homemade decoration tutorials and recipes. I think it’s going to be a really fun and the highlight of the week.

What have you got planned for half term?


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