Reading with Pip: Five Favourites

Pip, like most five year olds, loves books. She’s got a big wooden box in her bedroom packed with them, plus we take regular trips to the library and before long, she should be getting books coming home from school (at the moment she just gets weekly homework). I thought I’d share just five of her favourites with you.

  1. Calm down Boris! by Sam Lloyd

This book takes pop up to a whole new level. The lovely fluffy Boris hand puppet poking through the book really brings the story to life and allows the reader to really interact with it. Pip really loves this. She can pretend to feed, brush, hug and kiss Boris, plus shout out the repetitive phrase of the book – ‘Calm down Boris!’

Calm down Boris

2. James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

This is the first full novel that I’ve read to Pip. I absolutely loved Roald Dahl as a child and was very keen to introduce his work to Pip. When I borrowed this book from our local library, I didn’t actually expect us to get through the whole thing, especially not as quickly as we did. Pip isn’t really the kind of child to sit patiently for extended periods of time but she was really engrossed by this story and always begged for ‘just one more page, please!’

James & giant peach

3. An Amazing Snowman by Barbara Jean Hicks

This book is about Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. From watching the film, Pip became very fond of this loveable character and I knew she’d love the book so it was one of her birthday presents. It doesn’t exactly have a narrative, it simply tell you all about Olaf. There are lots of two and three letter words so Pip can join in with reading this one herself. I think my favourite part of this book are the illustrations, they really are beautiful.

An Amazing snowman

4. The Sniffles for Bear by Bonny Becker

This is a very funny story about a bear with a cold whose perhaps making a bit more of his illness than is really necessary! Pip giggles through this one every time we read it, though that could be in part because I do make an attempt at putting on voices for this one!

sniffles for bear

5. Snow Bears by Martin Waddell

A really sweet little story about three cheeky little bears playing in the snow. This one will be particularly nice to read when winter comes. Again, it contains some really gorgeous pictures.

Snow bears

What are your child’s favourite books?


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