BrainBox: My First Maths Review

Pip loves numbers. She picks up Maths concepts pretty quickly and easily, something I always struggled with. I managed to get through maths at school actually quite well but it was always a challenge, I never enjoyed it. I don’t want Pip growing up with the same negativity about maths, especially as she seems to initially like it so much.

So I’m very happy that one of her birthday presents was the My First Maths BrainBox.


It contains a sand timer, a dice and lots of cards, all about different maths concepts – numbers, shapes, time and many others. The idea of the game is to spend ten seconds (using the sand timer) looking at a card, then roll a dice, which decides which question from the back of the card you’ll answer. Pip is shockingly good at this. She does get the questions wrong occasionally but when the game’s over, she’s always won overall.

Brainbox collage

I think one of my favourite things about this game is that it can take anything from 5 minutes to around half an hour. I think the idea is to spend ten minutes on it but I like having something that can fill a small gap in the day. For example, one morning last week we were ready for school very early (something very rare indeed!) and Pip was getting bored waiting to leave. So I got out the BrainBox and it entertained her right up until it was time to leave.

This game is not just lots of fun but its a brilliant method for helping your child with their maths skills and make it a positive experience.

Having had a little look on the BrainBox, I really like the whole range and I think at least one will be featuring on Pip’s Christmas list.


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