Review: Race to the Treasure

Recently Pip turned five. Amongst her gifts from us (which I will certainly review more of in the coming weeks), was obviously a new board game. It’s another cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom called Race to the Treasure.


The basic premise of this game is to build a path across the map, collecting keys on your way, while hoping to avoid the dreaded ogre (which in our house is usually called Ogden). You take it in turns to take a tile from the pile and either lay a piece of path or if it’s an ogre tile, lay it on the ogre track. If you collect enough keys and reach the treasure before the ogre track is full, you’ve won!


Sounds simple, right? Well, perhaps not as simple as you’d think. The key tiles are laid at the beginning of the game using dice to make random map coordinates (I love this feature). If the keys are very scattered, it can be quite tricky, even for a grown up, to get to them and then to the treasure in time. We’ve played as a family a few times and I think we’ve only narrowly won more games than we’ve lost! I actually like this though. It’s a challenge and teaches Pip that playing a game is fun, regardless of winning or losing. Plus, I think it helps develop some really key skills – problem solving and communication. As we played through a few rounds, Pip began communicating pretty well, suggesting where the paths should go on our turns and calmly asking for help when stuck on her turn rather than going into a meltdown!


The look of this game is great too, which I’ve really come to expect from Peaceable Kingdom games. I love the whole map concept, it really appeals to my little adventurer – very handy when the weather becomes a bit too miserable for proper outdoor exploring! The game instructions are rather handily on the inside of the box lid, which means you can’t lose them!


I highly recommend this game as something to do as a family or when friends come to play!


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