Family Fun in Autumn

I have already blogged about why, in my humble opinion, Autumn is better than Summer here. Now that Autumn is here, officially beginning tomorrow here in the UK, it’s time to start enjoying it! Tomorrow is also an INSET day at Pip’s school so we are going to spend the day doing fun, autumnal activities. Here’s my plan for the day:

Early morning trip to the park. I haven’t yet decided if this will be the small park close to home, or a long walk to a park slightly further away or a train into the centre of Cardiff for a walk in Bute Park. Small park has the advantage of being able to take Pip’s scooter and an easy journey home if she gets bored. Big park and Bute Park have the advantage of having much more opportunity for finding pine cones, leaves and conkers to take home. In any case, I think a walk in the park is really the perfect way to enjoy this season. All of the beautiful coloured leaves in the trees, falling to be crunched and kicked by an eager little girl (Autumn is Pip’s favourite season too). I also really want to get some good Autumn pictures so that I can update the blog header to be in line with this new season.


Learning. Last year we focused on just observing the changes that happen in Autumn – the weather turning colder, the leaves changing colour, the days getting shorter. This year I’m planning to look at hibernating animals and migrating birds, how the changing season affects wildlife. I think she’ll be interested in this, animals are very much a favourite subject for Pip. I think I’ll prepare some Autumn themed writing practice for her too. She’s already busily colouring in some Autumn pages from Twinkl as I type this.

Baking. We’re going to make fruity flapjacks from a good and healthy recipe a friend showed me the other day. This will be something nice to have as an afternoon snack but also will be great for packed lunches for the rest of the week.

Craft. When I told her that we’d have a day together next week and asked what she’d like to do, the very first thing she thought of was getting the paints out. I’m hoping that we’ll have some things from the park to use for this but it will at least be Autumn-themed.

Macaroni bird

Last year we made this lovely macaroni Autumn themed painting.

As you can probably tell from my plan, I want tomorrow to be a busy day. Pip is becoming used to very full days at school and always being tired at the end of them. Even more than ever, I have a feeling that she’s going to quickly become bored and frustrated if I don’t provide something for her to do. Also, I don’t want to stop our learning at home just because she’s in school now. I’ve always been of the opinion that a parent has the responsibility to teach their child as much as possible. She’s always enjoyed learning new things and I want to keep encouraging that thirst for knowledge – it’ll make her entire school life so much more enjoyable and productive.

What are your favourite Autumn activities?


One thought on “Family Fun in Autumn

  1. i love that macaronni painting!!!
    i’ve talkedd her about hibernation too, but now (that i’m resisting to say goodbye to the indian summer) we just go puck some hazelnuts and explaining her why we don’t have to pick them all 😉

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