A Date Day

Pip has now started full time school, I’m on the hunt for a job and both me and Husband have uni courses starting very soon. With all of this going on, we realised a while ago that time together would suddenly be very limited. Evenings will probably be spent doing all of the things I’d usually get done during the day, including studying. So Husband decided to book two days off. One on Pip’s first day and one on her second day. On the first, we wanted to stay fairly close to the school so that we could be there quickly if anything went wrong. I know that really nothing was more likely to go wrong than on any other day that she’s there but we felt more comfortable with that. We went to our favourite cafe for breakfast after we dropped her off then spent the rest of the day at home until pick up time.

Monday was his second day off and our Date Day. So when I returned from dropping Pip off at school (Husband had a lie in, since it was his day off from work!), we caught a train into Cardiff city centre. He very kindly helped me pick out some smart clothes, since I’m trying to line up interviews at the moment and really have nothing suitable to wear. Then we took some time in our local games shop to actually look at the games and have a proper conversation about which we might like to buy without having to constantly check that Pip wasn’t throwing marbles on the floor, running out of the door or trying to get upstairs. We settled on the Asia Map Pack for Ticket to Ride, which I’ll review once we’ve actually played it!

Then we went to Ed’s Diner for lunch. I do really love it there. Great American diner food, great 50s music and gorgeous 50s decor. We took our time eating and chatting.

After lunch, we had a wander around the shops. Not a mad rush to get whatever I need then straight back home. A quiet, leisurely wander. Don’t mistake me, I love spending time with my daughter. I love time spent all together as a family. But having just one day where it’s just me and Husband was really nice. We caught the train back home and then I went to pick up Pip, who’d had another good day at school.

It was a brilliant date day. I hope we get the chance to do it again.


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