First Day

Friday was Pips first day at school. As she was starting a little later than she normally would be, we had a slow and relaxed morning having breakfast and getting ready. When I went in to wake her up, I told that it was time to get ready for school and a massive grin spread across her face. She actually leapt out of bed!

I made her lunch while she had breakfast. In her lunchbox, she had a peanut butter and banana bagel, cut into quarters for easy eating, a box of raisins and some carrot & cucumber sticks.

Husband took a day off so that we could all go together. The walk to school takes about 25 minutes. Its not as short as our walk to nursery used to be, at just 10 minutes, but it does give us a bit of exercise and a wam up for the rest of the day.

There were mixed emotions when it was time to say goodbye at the classroom door. We had big hugs and kisses, before she ran off to play with another little girl. I was really pleased to see her so eager and excited.

At pick up time, parents swarmed around the gates to greet their children. I only just managed to squeeze through to collect Pip. She was all smiles and clearly had a really good day. We had to get back out of the crowd before we could really talk to her about it. She had played shops, run around outside (which was evident from her rather muddy shoes!) and seen a naughty teddy bear – it turned out the teacher had cleverly used a teddy bear puppet to show them what behaviour was acceptable and unacceptable. There was also a parrot puppet that was being used to teach numbers. All in all, it sounded like she had a really fun day and had settled in well. Her lunch box was empty too, which I think is a good sign! 

She spent most of the following weekend asking when she could go back! 



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