Reward Charts

Like any child (and yes, even your little angel), Pip can sometimes be a bit naughty.

We’ve tried various responses to bad behaviour. Calm reasoning, time outs, losing privileges such as using the iPad and not being allowed any pudding (not often used as we don’t often have puddings anyway) all have some level of success but none of them have proven to consistently work with her.

So we’re always willing to try out new ideas. We have tried reward charts before. I drew out a grid on paper and every time she did something good, she got a star sticker. If she got ten stars, she got a magazine. But it wasn’t very well structured and, if I’m honest, I often forgot to add stickers.

Recently I discovered the website Twinkl. I have no idea how I’ve been a parent for nearly five years and didn’t know about this site. It’s full of brilliant printable resources, partly aimed at teachers but also parents. We’ve used it for printing off handwriting guidelines (ground, grass and sky sheets are brilliant), colouring in pages and, of course, reward charts! Some of the resources require you to pay for a Gold or Platinum membership but there’s a lot available for free too.

This is our current favoured chart, although there are lots of others. I like this one because there’s the option to have a smiley face, a neutral face or a sad face. This means that at times when her behaviour hasn’t been exactly bad but hasn’t been very good either, I’ve got an option between two extremes. I think if she got a sad face in the morning, she wouldn’t be very motivated to get a happy face in the afternoon. Whereas if she gets a neutral face in the morning, an overall smiley face for the day still feels possible. This chart will also be useful when school starts (tomorrow!) as it has a block for school hours.

In the future, I might look at some of the other charts, like this one, since Pip is quite a fan of dinosaurs. I also might start using the range of certificates for when she does something really brilliant, like achieving new milestones with her maths, reading or writing skills.

I really love this site and I can see us using it for lots of aspects of Pip’s overall development. Highly recommended to all parents!


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