Time on my Hands

With Pip heading off to school next week, I’ve become quite suddenly aware of how much time I’ll have to myself. Of course, I’m going to be happily and busily job hunting but, even in my most optimistic moments, I know that realistically I’m going to be at home for at least a few weeks. After that, I will be a working parent, juggling a job, childcare, university studies and housework! So I think I need to make the most of this time while it’s here. With this in mind, here is my list of things to do during my few weeks of unemployed freedom: 

1. Decorating. The flat we moved into a few months ago is really lovely – definitely the nicest we’ve ever had. However, there are a few spots around the walls where it appears someone has rushed the painting a bit and also forgotten to paint over a few marks where nail holes have been filled, leaving little white patches. So first on the list is touching up these areas and maybe even adding a touch of individuality. 

2. Deep cleaning & organising the flat. Being a working parent, from all accounts I have, sounds like some kind of constant whirlwind of chaos. So I think it would be best to begin the whole endeavour with a thoroughly clean and organised home. 

3. Get a head start on studies. I think it would be a very good idea if I’m at least a couple of weeks ahead by the time I find work. This should make it all a bit easier to manage. 

4. Write. I started a new story a little while ago and I’m determined to get it completed. I’m not going to set any particular goal on how often or how much I’m going to write but if ever I find myself, having completed all job hunting and housework for the day, even pondering the idea of daytime TV, I shall quickly fire up my laptop and get writing instead! 

5. Walk. Going to the park with Pip is brilliant. I love watching her run around freely and clamber about on trees roots and climbing frames. But having a nice peaceful walk, especially now that Autumn is almost upon us, would be quite welcome, not to mention a pleasant form of exercise. While I want to make this time productive, I think I can afford to take maybe two hour long walks per week and still fit everything else in. 

Are there any other parents feeling like they’re going to be at a loose end once the kids are back to school? What are your plans to make the most of this time? 



2 thoughts on “Time on my Hands

  1. I do work but only 4 days a week. It’s suddenly crept up on me how one day a week I’m going to have 6 hours to myself. Although everyone assures me it feels like you’ve only just dropped them off when it’s time to pick them up, 6 hours to myself, *every* week of the school term feels kind of odd (and slightly cool). I know in reality I will spend the time:
    Running (1 hour)
    Doing housework (2 hours)
    Having a bath, getting dressed (30 mins)
    Cooking dinner for us both (1 hour)
    Writing a recipe for my blog (1 hour)
    Sitting down with a cup of tea (30 mins)

    Oops – time to pick him up…

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