Only One Week to Go!

Just a week from today, Pip will be starting school. I’m quite pleased that her first day is a Friday. It means that it’ll be one day then a weekend, hopefully easing her nicely into the school experience. She’s been through nursery so I’m hoping this won’t be much of a shock to the system and she’ll settle in quickly.

We are thoroughly prepared for this. I’ve sorted all of the paperwork – so many forms! Her uniform is all ready to go. I’ve planned out what she’ll be having for her packed lunches. Husband has booked the day off so that we can both be there for this big event. I’ve planned out a vague schedule for the morning so that when the time comes I’m not running around like a headless chicken.

I’ve tried, over the past few months, to get Pip herself ready for school. Part of this has been teaching her some basic reading, writing and number skills. But there are lots of other skills children need to have before they can start school. They need to be confident in socialising with other children, including taking turns, sharing and dealing with any bullying or other negative behaviour from other children. They need to understand that they should listen to their teacher and follow their instructions. They need practical skills like being able to use the toilet, including washing their hands properly afterwards and being able to get their uniform, PE kit, coat and shoes off and on again. I think we’ve covered all of this with Pip. We’ve also had some lovely conversations about how brilliant school is and what a good time she’s going to have learning and meeting new people. I’m confident that she’s going to settle into her new school life well and I think she is too. We’re all pretty excited about it now!

Is your child starting school for the first time soon? How did you prepare them for this big event?


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