Words from the Other Half: Change of Direction

Another guest post from Husband, all about his own university studies. 

As an OU Student, I am about to begin my 5th, and penultimate year.  First I’ll explain the process a little.

To get the Honours Degree with the Open University, you need to get 360 credit points , obtained by completing (most usually) 6 courses which grant 60 points each.  There are three difficulty levels, One , Two and unsurprisingly Three.

I have completed two at level One, one at level Two and one at level Three, which means I have a Level Two course and a Level Three Course to go.

So far I have focused heavily on History, which makes sense as I was trying to obtain a History BA (Hons).  Along the way I have had a taste of philosophy during the course and this has inspired a change in direction.  I have become aware that I can change my study plan to make the last two years focus on Philosophy, thus granting a slightly more ambiguous Humanities BA (Hons).

Oh the Humanities!

So my next course is A222 , Exploring Philosophy. The Module covers six different topics, considering Philosophy both from a historical and modern perspective. The topics are ‘The Self’, ‘Philosophy and Religion’,’Ethics’, ‘Knowledge’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Political Philosophy’.

While I try not to get too ahead of myself, the two topics I am most looking forward to are Ethics and Political Philosophy.

As I have had a keen interest in philosophy even before university, I can’t really say I am complete beginner.  An interest was cultivated when I was at school and a lot of private reading has informed the subject. I’m familiar with some famous thinkers already; Descartes, Plato and Nietzsche (will I ever stop having to look up the spelling of that name?) and the vastly different views.

One of the things that I have considered is that as the subject is so designed to inform our moral, theological and logical thinking, will I change as result of this next two years of study?  Will I make different choices, inspired by different schools of philosophical thought? In a sense this is a worrying prospect, its not a nice thing to suddenly pull into focus the ideas and beliefs you have had all your life and admit that you now think you were wrong all along, but at the same time I welcome it as the idea of taking views form the total sum of human philosophy, rather than from just my own relatively local point of view, will perhaps give me a better understanding of a world I don’t fully understand.

I suppose I’ll wait and see. 

Do you have a preferred philosopher? Perhaps you can share in the comments below? 

Thanks for reading.


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