Family Day Out: Heath Park Model Railway

on Sunday we went along to an open day at the Heath Park Model Railway, run by the Cardiff Model Engineering Society. I’ve been looking at going to this for a few months now but between the open day dates being quite limited and our own busy schedule, this was our first opportunity to give it a try. I’m so glad we did, it was a brilliant day out. 


We travelled to Heath Park on foot. We’re very lucky to live only a half an hour walk away from it but if you want to visit, there are bus stops and a train station fairly nearby. 

On arriving, we paid £1.50 each for entry. The entrance building contained a miniature railway to look at, although we found that the lighting was a little low for good photographs. Pip, amongst lots of other children there, enjoyed watching the trains go round the track though. 


Outside, there were several ride on smaller trains, including steam trains. I went on with Pip for a ride on one of these (cost £1.50 each), although I must admit myself to be slightly disappointed that we didn’t go on a steam train but one of the electric trains. We could have waited for a steam train but I didn’t fancy forcing a four year to queue for longer than really necessary! It was fun, regardless. 

Trains collage



The smaller ride-on trains run on a track around the outside of the site, while in the centre there is a hot food stand or a hut where you can buy other cold snacks, drinks and a variety of toys. In the centre of the site is the ‘Garden Railway’ which is another miniature railway. We spotted some rather surprising passengers on the platform there! 


Garden Railway collage

A treasure hunt was organised for the children for £1.50 entry price, which Pip took part in. Clipboard in hand, she had to find various clues around the site and then got a prize in the form of an envelope containing chocolate coins, postcards and a maze game. 


There is a also a large tram track running at one side of the sight. Again, this was £1.50 each. We all had a ride on this together.

To round off the day, we let Pip have a run around in the play area of the park, which we’ve never visited before but she was very impressed with. 

This was an all-round great family day out and quite economical too. I hope we’ll be going to the next open day! 


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