10 reasons why Autumn is better than Summer

The weather has become a bit chillier, there are more clouds in the sky and soon our holiday time will be over. Summer is ending and autumn is approaching. But rather than feeling a bit glum about this, I’ve decided to feel happy about it. So here are my ten reasons why autumn is better than summer: 

1. Beautiful autumn colours in the park. The bright and beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. 

2. Autumnal walks. Kicking up leaves and collecting conkers and then filling a glass vase with them to make a lovely autumn decoration. 

3. Harvest time! Apples, blackberries and plums are all ripe and delicious. Pies and crumbles galore! 

4. Pies, stews and roast dinners all become possible in the colder weather without my flat turning into a meat-scented sauna. 

5. In the heat, you can only remove so many layers without breaking a few decency laws. Whereas in autumn, you can just keeping adding layers until you feel warm and cosy. 

6. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. It just feels wrong to have this in summer. 

7. Removing the 15 minute suncream application from our ‘Getting Ready to Leave the House, even just to pop to the shops’ routine. No, it shouldn’t take that long but with a wriggling four year old, it does. Every time. And yes, it does take time to get coats and hats and scarves on but firstly, doing so doesn’t get your hands all covered in oily suncream and secondly, said four year old can do this bit herself. 

8. I love hats and scarves and big cosy jumpers. I was bought a very cosy black knitted poncho a couple of years ago and I can’t wait to get it out of the wardrobe again! See also my lovely ankle boots. 

9. Getting excited about…you know. That special time of year we all get excited about but we’re not meant to mention until at least October. That. 

10. Cuddling. In summer, this lasts a few minutes before it becomes uncomfortably warm and, in worst case scenario, a bit sweaty. In autumn, cuddling is just practical for keeping pleasantly warm and cosy. Whether it be with my little girl or with my Husband, I do love a cuddle. 

Autumn park

So there you have it! Autumn is actually better than summer. So throw those flip flops and sun hats back in the wardrobe and embrace this brilliant season in all of it’s cosy, beautiful awesomeness! 



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