9,125 days

I recently became 25 years old. I know that really we’re growing a day older every single day and there’s very little difference between being 24 and 25 but it seems like a good time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

A lot can happen in 25 years.

I’ve lived in thirteen different places but only called a few home.

I’ve been married for a fifth of my life. This is one of those weird things where it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but also feels so permanent that it feels strange that at one point it hadn’t happened yet. I hope that makes sense! I love being married. It’s genuinely brilliant.

I’ve created a whole other person (with help, of course!) This still feels strange at times. When she was born, I was in complete awe that this little living creature was grown in my belly. Now that she’s got her own personality and she’ll be starting school soon, it feels even stranger. I didn’t just grow a baby, I grew a person who will have her own life. That is so awesome.

I’ve had many different friends, most of whom I don’t even know anymore. Growing distant from friends used to feel really sad but, to be honest, it doesn’t as much anymore. I guess it helps that I actually live with my best friend! I also think it might be down to realising that everyone’s lives are always changing so friendships are bound to change too. Friendships don’t mean less just because they’re often transitory. I’ll always look back and remember the good friends I’ve had and feel glad to have known them when I did.

I haven’t traveled as much as perhaps I had thought I would when I was younger and I would like to visit more places – I’ve never actually left Europe! However, I do live hundreds of miles from where I was born and grew up so maybe that sort of makes up for it.

I’m not far off from having a university degree, just two years away, as long as it goes according to plan. There were times when I thought this would have happened a lot sooner than it has but there have also been times when I thought it would never happen at all. I’m really grateful that the Open University exists so I’ve had the opportunity to try and achieve this.

I guess the conclusion of my thoughts on turning 25 is that I’m happy where I am now and I’ve got lots of good things to look forward to in my future.


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