Triop project Update – Day 4

Our summer science project of growing Triops is going as well as can be expected. While a couple of days ago, I spotted at least 5 little creatures swimming around in the tank, we now have just two triops and one fairy shrimp, which it does say in the booklet that came with the kit could possibly also hatch from the eggs we were given. Nice bonus! Apparently it’s completely normal to begin with quite a few and end up with two or three. I think this is better anyway, since now the remaining ones will have more space to grow nice and big. Triops tend to grow as large as their environment allows.

Pip has named the triops Oofy and Koofy and the fairy shrimp Twinkle. She quite likes to watch them for a few minutes at a time as they swim around and rummage around at the bottom of the tank for food.

Rather excitingly, for the first time ever, I’ve uploaded a video to show you them swimming around. I’m hoping to start using video more regularly on the blog so hopefully this first attempt goes well!

I’ll make another video in a few days to show you just how fast they’re growing! These things are roughly doubling in size every day!


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