Plans for Summer Fun

While everyone else has just begun their summer holidays, I’ve had Pip at home full time since she finished nursery in May due to our house move. It hasn’t been easy to keep her occupied, especially as when we’re out and about, all of the children of her age are at nursery or school. I am really hoping that now that summer holidays have begun, our local park will be full of potential playmates for Pip.

Given that we’re quickly coming to the end of our time at home together, I really want to make the most of these 7 weeks (Pip’s school are staggering their starting dates so she’s not actually going to school until 5th September). So I’ve planned out some activities for us to do. Obviously the days out only really apply to Cardiff but the rest are for anyone looking for some summer fun!

Days out: 

National Museum in Cardiff – Between 29th July – 1st August, there are family friendly tours of the ‘Nature in a New Light’ exhibition

Cardiff Castle – On 16th & 17th August is the Grand Medieval Melee. We went to this last year and Pip just loved watching the knights jousting and sword fighting plus they had some great craft activities going on. There’s also something called ‘Castle Quest’ going on from 28th July but there’s not much information on the Castle’s website about this.

Roath Park – I’ve been meaning to have a visit here for ages but it’s just never happened. We’l definitely be going over this summer. With the lake and botanical gardens, I can’t think of a better place for Pip to keep developing her new photography skills! Plus there’s supposed to be a brilliant play park there.

Cardiff Bay – We’ve been to the Bay hundreds of times. In fact, we used to live near there. But we haven’t walked across the barrage to Penarth since the day we came to visit Cardiff – before we even moved here three years ago! Definitely time to do it again, especially now that Pip’s old enough to appreciate it.

Techniquest – I do have some Tesco Clubcard vouchers to be used up, which can be redeemed at Techniquest so we might have trip there again.

Barry – Summer holidays just wouldn’t be complete without a day at the seaside!

Local parks – We’re lucky to be within very easy walking distance of a couple of parks, one with lots of trees and a long and winding path which is perfect for scooting and the other with a nice play park that is often full of other children for Pip to play with.

Indoor activities: 

Science project – Pip has been asking for a pet of her own for some time now. I came up with a low cost, low responsibility option in the form of triops, tiny creatures that can hatched from eggs and live in a small tank of water. They actually only live for around 8 weeks, making them a perfect summer holiday activity. I’ll be doing a series of posts on our progress with this so keep an eye out!

Movie Day – I want to limit this to happening maybe two or three times during the entire summer as it is a bit of a lazy one but I think it would be nice to relax with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a couple of films together. This could really be more of an afternoon or morning activity, rather than a whole day.

Crafts – I plan on doing a craft activity at least once a week. I’d really like to have a go at using salt dough and maybe making some collages.

Board Games – We, as a family, love board games. Our vast collection can keep us busy for many hours over the coming weeks. They’ll be especially handy to fill an hour here and there in between other activities.

Reading, writing and maths activities – I definitely want to keep up with Pip’s basic skills so that she’s ready to start school at the end of the summer. She loves to learn and I love teaching her so this shouldn’t be tricky at all.

What plans have you made for the summer?


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