Learning about the world: Spanish Night

Pip takes great interest in Geography. She has a world map in her room that we often sit and look at and talk about. She can point to lots of different countries and asks me about them. What animals live there, what food the people there eat and what language they speak.

As a fun way to explore other cultures as a family, the Husband and I decided to try having evenings themed on a particular country. Saturday night was our first try at this and we decided to make it a Spanish night because we already know and like lots of Spanish foods, we’ve been to Spain and we both speak a little bit of Spanish so we thought it would be a good starting point.


We made Spanish flags from ice lolly sticks, paper and glue. I made a jug of sangria for me and Husband and a small jug of mock sangria – which we’ve named Fungria – for Pip, which is just summer fruits squash with orange and lemon slices and ice. For dinner, we had Spanish omelette (tortilla), meatballs (albondigas) in tomato sauce, potatoes cut into small cubes, roasted and served with a tomato sauce (patatas bravas) and ham croquettes (croquetas). While we ate, we listened to some Spanish music in the form of the Gypsy Kings. We managed to teach Pip to at least say ‘Hola’, although she was a bit busy dancing away to the music and enjoying her food to have a language lesson! I might try and teach her a bit more Spanish during the week.


It was a really fun family night and I feel like she really learnt from it. We’re planning to put on a German night in August – I’m so excited, I’m already looking up recipes for this! If any German readers have any music or food suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Learning about the world: Spanish Night

    • So far I’m planning to make chicken schnitzel and pretzels. Need a couple of vegetable side dishes too. Thinking Black Forest cake for dessert 🙂

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