A Walk in the Woods

The other day, I handed my very nice compact digital camera over to Pip. To be really honest, I thought she’d push the button, maybe take a photo or two and it would keep her busy for a few minutes while we finished trying to neatly fit all of our games into the available shelving space (not a simple task!). But fifteen minutes later, she was still wandering about, taking photos of everything in sight! But not just snapping away, she was actually trying out different angles and distances, chatting away to herself about the shot she wanted to get. I should hardly be surprised – both me and Husband like photography and he’s actually rather brilliant at it.

I started having a think about where would be a good place for her to take some photos. I had already been planning a trip to Forest Farm Country Park and it seemed like a good option – lots of tree and plants and possibly even some animals – so on Tuesday morning, we set off early for a little adventure in the woods.

my shadow

My favourite of Pip’s pictures. She was really pleased with this one too.

It’s only a short train journey from us but unfortunately the trains were misbehaving a bit so what I thought would take about twenty minutes actually took about forty five but we got there in the end! Luckily, Pip was happy to start taking pictures at the station, keeping her nicely distracted during the long wait.

Pip's pictures

Pictures by Pip

It was really good weather for it – not too sunny but no sign of rain either. We saw a good deal of wildlife, although neither of us managed to get any good shots of it. A tiny baby frog hopped right across the path in front of us but, due to just having climbed up a set of wooden stairs, both the camera and my phone, which has a very good camera of its own, were safely tucked away in my pockets. I probably could’ve gotten one of them out in time if I hadn’t needed to quickly prevent Pip making a grab at the poor creature! I also saw a few dragonflies, including a really large blue one but they move rather quickly and, again, were gone before I managed to get a decent picture. We could hear birds constantly. While we didn’t get any photos of them, it was nice to listen to. I encouraged Pip to try and distinguish between different calls and where they were coming from.

my forest pics 1

Pictures by Me

We did both get some lovely shots of the woodland. Please note, I’ve put in the captions who took which photographs.

my forest pics 2

Pictures by me

Overall, a really lovely morning walk. I can’t wait to take her to other places to take pictures. I’m thinking of a trip to the Bay and a walk across the barrage to Penarth. Where do you like to go to take photographs?



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