Ice cream with added geek

On Saturday, we all took the bus into town. It was a lovely sunny day. Husband had seen online that a new ice cream parlour, Science Cream, was due to open and we wanted to try it out – this is no ordinary ice cream parlour! If you’ve been reading this blog for long, then you’ll know that we regularly visit the Castle Arcade, as well as the other shopping arcades in Cardiff. We love the unique independent shops and cafes in there. This new business fits in perfectly there.


The ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen! As you can imagine, four year old Pip was fascinated and I was pretty interested to see the process. A thick plastic screen protects customers, while the staff are dressed as if in a lab with long white coats and safety goggles. They pour liquid unfrozen mixture into electric mixers, followed by the liquid nitrogen. It’s then mixed until the mixture has frozen, while white mist billows from the mixers. It’s then dished up and any sauces added.

I had vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce. It was very creamy. As it melts in the mouth, it has the texture of clotted cream. I really enjoyed it. The raspberry sauce tasted freshly made and very tasty too.


Husband and Pip had chocolate. They report it was also very good.

After finishing our ice cream, we couldn’t resist a visit to our local games shop, Rules of Play. We added Star Trek Expeditions, My First Carcassonne and Mythic Battles to our games collection – reviews will be coming up in the future, of course!

We had a great family Saturday, I hope you did too. Thanks for reading!



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