Board Game Review: Rampage

My last post was about a game we all enjoy playing together as a family. This post is about another such game, called Rampage.

The basic concept is that you are a dragon-like monster, determined to destroy buildings and eat anything that you come across. You use various actions to accomplish this, like flicking your piece around the board, which is covered with buildings and Meeple (these are little wooden people, you might be familiar with from other games, such as Carcassonne). You can also drop your monster on buildings, throw vehicles and use special powers that each player is assigned at the beginning of the game. You score points for eating buildings, Meeple and the teeth of your fellow player’s monsters.


This game is lots of fun, although it can get a bit messy. You need to be very careful about watching where Meeple are flying off to when buildings are destroyed. They’re tiny game pieces and could easily get lost behind furniture and down the sofa cushions.


I really love the concept of this game. It’s very much a practical game, brilliant for developing fine motor skills. It does take a while to get set up and put away so it’s not one we play very often but when we do, we always have a good time.


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