Board Game Review: Tsuro of the Seas

We’re always on the lookout for games that we can all play and enjoy together. It’s a difficult thing to find because Pip is only four so games that involve reading or maths skills beyond very basic counting and addition are a bit beyond her at the moment. The games she can play are often a bit simplistic for us to get much enjoyment beyond seeing her happy and entertained. So we were rather thrilled to discover Tsuro of the Seas.

Tsuro of the seas board

This game involves no reading or anything too complex but does involve a bit of strategy and thinking. There are two ways that we play this game. The first is to simply lay tiles onto the board and have our little boats move along the path created. You have to avoid going off the edge of the board or crashing into another boat. This is essentially what the origianl game of Tsuro is like. With only three of us playing, this is a nice calm game that Pip actually has a reasonable chance of winning.

Tsuro of the seas daikaiju

The second way to play is to include extra tiles with sea dragon-like creatures called daikaiju. These creatures move around the board, depending on dice rolls, and basically create extra obstacles for your little boats to avoid. This version is a bit more exciting, challenging and often much shorter! Pip can get a little frustrated with this but I think it’s good for her to experience a bit of frustration occasionally – she’s bound to in the real world so if she can learn to deal with it in a game, it might help her deal with it in real life situations. We do have a rule that we never ‘let’ her win, by which I mean purposefully play poorly ourselves so that she can win. She still can win this game but it does require concentration for her, another useful skill and one that she often struggles with, as most small children do!

tsuro of the seas boat

I really like the look of this game and it’s very enjoyable to play. I recommend it for the end of a gaming session or at the end of a long day when you really just want something fairly quick, distracting and relaxed to play.




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