Board Game Review: Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition

Recently, the Husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary – go us! Last year, we made the decision that, rather than separately deliberating over what to get each other, we should pick something together as a joint gift to ourselves. So for our fourth anniversary, we bought ourselves a Tassimo coffee machine, which is just brilliant and still used regularly to make yummy hot drinks. Going with the same idea this year, we bought ourselves Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition.


You might well recall (you lovely regular reader, you) that I reviewed Ticket to Ride Europe Edition some time ago. Check it out if you’d like to see the basic concept of the game and how to play. I was reasonably positive about it but since then, it has become a real favourite for both me and Husband and we’ve acquired a couple of expansions. So when we heard about a special 10th anniversary edition, we both really wanted it and, since it was due for release at around the correct time, we decided it would be perfect for our own anniversary.

There are several differences between this edition and the Europe edition. First of all, it’s a map of USA, not Europe, which makes a nice change and I think I’m already becoming more of a fan of this map than Europe. There are no tunnels, which if I’m honest I have always disliked. There are also no train stations, which was a little off putting since they really help with the frustration of another player blocking your routes. However, after two games, I haven’t really found I’m missing them.


The main change, and the major reason for our purchase, is the big and brilliant upgrades in aesthetics. My inner geek really loves the little tins each colour of train comes in (Husband quote: And my outer geek loves them even more) and the actual trains themselves are now much more detailed and awesome looking.

T2R tins and trains

The map itself is a thing of beauty, with little added illustrations of points of interest, such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore.

T2R illustrations

Even the cards have been made much prettier for this edition.

T2R cards

This is a really gorgeous game and a lovely addition to our now packed games shelves (we’re currently trying to work out a storage solution for our ever growing collection!). If you read this review and fancy picking up a copy yourself, I do have two pieces of bad news. Firstly, it does come with quite a high price tag – about double the price of the original game. I think this is only worthwhile if, like us, you already love the game and love the idea of it being more aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, copies seem to be limited in number and, from what I’ve heard, it is going to be sold out pretty quickly so you’ll need to move very fast to get yourself a copy without it becoming an even higher price.

As always, I recommend interested Cardiff based gamers pop along to Rules of Play for their copy. That’s where we picked ours up.

To end my post, I have a small request of Day of Wonder, who so awesomely made this game (flattery gets you everywhere, right?). Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Europe Edition and it would be just brilliant if you could make a similarly lovely special edition of that version too. That gives you a year to design and manufacture it, and us a year to find space on our shelf for it!



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