30 Days of Games: Day 2 – Feed the Woozle

Hello all. Today we played Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom.

I like this game because it involves getting up and doing something physical. It’s a cooperative game, which are great for ensuring a tantrum-free playtime and also getting a bit of team spirit going. The basic idea of the game is to post little cardboard discs representing food into the Woozle’s mouth. You’ve got to carry this food on a big plastic spoon across the room to the Woozle, while doing various actions dictated by a spinner, including hula dancing, spinning, marching and ‘Go Crazy!’ which is very much open to interpretation. Pip’s latest version of this move is to do her Peter Capaldi impression (if you’ve seen the Day of the Doctor, she basically attempts to do the expression on his face when he appears for that split second near the end) and run full speed at the Woozle, with little care for where the food goes. On one occasion today, it was launched directly at it’s eyes.


I think my favourite thing about this game is that by the end, nobody really cares if you’ve won or lost. It also encourages a bit of silliness from all players, parent and child, which is always nice. While there’s gorgeous sunshine in Cardiff today, this game is a really useful way of doing something active indoors when it’s raining outdoors.




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