30 Days of Games: Day 1 – Uglydoll

Since I neglected this blog so much during our house move, I am now determined not to let myself slip so much again. I am also determined that I do lots of fun stuff with Pip over the summer, since she’s had to miss almost an entire term of nursery due to moving to a new area. Thirdly, I am determined that even when I’m knackered from spending all day trying to keep an exuberant 4 year old entertained, I still make time for myself and for time with Husband. In an attempt to cover all of these goals, I’ve decided to do 30 days of posts about games we play each day. These will either be games I’ve played with Pip during the day, games we all play together during evenings and weekends or games that I play with Husband.

Yesterday, I had a game of Uglydoll (made by Gamewright) with Pip. This is the latest addition to her games collection and not only does she love it, she’s actually very skilled at it. While I held back at first, knowing that a few wins will endear her to the game while losses will make her resent it and be less likely to play it in the future, she’s actually beaten me on occasions where I’m genuinely trying my best.

The game consists of a deck of cards, each with a picture of, you guessed it, an ugly doll. You spread all of the cards out facedown on a table or on the floor and then you take it in turns to flip one card over. When there are three of a kind flipped over, you grab them as fast as you can, before the other player/s can.

This is quite a noisy game but we had great fun playing it. It also looks messy at the point where you’ve chucked cards all over the floor but it cleverly gets cleared up as you play and collect the cards.

So there’s Day One done. I’ll be back with another game post tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!




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