Settling In

The move is finally over and done with! We got through it with some stress but only a few minor hiccups. I must say, it’s been entirely worth it. From the very brief viewing, we saw that this flat would be ideal for us. Two bedrooms, nice big kitchen and space for all of our furniture. But when I arrived here on Friday afternoon, after hours of organising and lifting and last-minute packing, I was thrilled to find that it was even better – and bigger! – than I remembered.

Every room is of ample proportions. The only room that is a bit smaller than it was before is Pip’s room but actually, there’s plenty of space in there for her and I’m only putting things in there that she plays with alone plus her bed. Craft stuff now lives in a kitchen cupboard, her clothes can be stored in our bedroom and her large collection of board games and puzzles are in the living room. Aside from giving her more space, leaving Pip alone with games containing lots of small pieces always ends in quite a mess.

I think my favourite room currently is the kitchen. Our old kitchen was reasonably sized but, as someone who really enjoys baking and who has an array of appliances, it really wasn’t big enough. Cupboards were always full to bursting point. The new kitchen is quite a lot larger. There’s enough worktop space for all of the appliances, even the bread maker, to be out rather than tucked away in a cupboard to be forgotten about. There’s so much cupboard space that we have a DIY cupboard, containing all of our tools and paint, and a craft cupboard, which contains all of Pip’s craft stuff and also all of her own baking stuff.

It’s not just a new flat, it’s a new area too. I’m not silly enough to be too explicit about where I live online but I will say that we used to live in quite a busy area within walking distance of Cardiff city centre and now we live in a much quieter area, further out of town. There are still supermarkets and all of the essential amenities we need but no regular sirens blaring or shouting from the street or car horns.

I really love our new home. It’s pretty amazing that it already feels like home. We’re not even unpacked yet but I already feel comfortable here. I hope we’ll be staying for a long time.


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