Holiday Part 1 – Journey, Arrival & Settling In

So we’re now home from our holiday! We’ve spent a week on a farm near Abergavenny with Husband’s Mum and Nan. It’s been a really lovely time and we’ve all had lots of fun times.

Getting to our holiday destination took a bit of logistical planning. Husband’s Mum and Nan were driving there and could divert to our house first but we couldn’t all fit in the car with luggage too. So they helpfully picked up our luggage then left for the farm while we took the train. This was a good plan, aside from our train being hours after the car left, leaving us at home with a rather frustrated child who couldn’t really understand why her Nanny and Nan Nan had left without us when she’d been told that we’d be spending a whole week with them.

Eventually it was time to leave. The journey to Abergavenny was smooth and simple then we were picked up at the station to be taken to the farm. It was a really pretty setting. Surrounded by mountains and fields, plus having quite a few very friendly animals, the farm was a really lovely place to spend the week. Our cottage was very spacious, having three bedrooms so Pip had plenty of space to herself plus the luxury of picking which of the two single beds in her bedroom to sleep in each night – there was lots switching about!


By the time we arrived at the cottage, there wasn’t much to do beyond eating dinner and settling down for the evening. The TV wasn’t working but luckily we had brought a nice collection of our favourite board games to occupy us with!


Pip settled in immediately and went to bed after a story. Her Nanny had kindly bought her a new set of books especially for the week, all different stories about bears. This was particularly handy as somehow I had completely forgotten to bring any books!

I’ll post the next part of our farm holiday tomorrow!


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