A New Home

I’ve lived in many places during my life. Although I lived in the same house for the first twelve years of my life, since then I’ve lived in twelve other places. Pip has moved about quite a lot in her life too. This will be her fifth home and given that she’s not even had her fifth birthday yet, that’s quite a lot. Everytime we move, I always hope that it will be somewhere we can settle for at least a few years but it never works out. The first place we lived in as a family was quite frankly horrible. It had issues with damp, the shower leaked, the hallway ceiling collapsed and it was very poorly laid out. There was no bath, there was an ensuite shower room with a sink and a toilet at the other end of the flat that had no sink, not very health and safety conscious. The kitchen was ridiculously small, just large enough for a fridge, an oven and two worktops. We lived there for some of my pregnancy then the first year or so of Pip’s life.

Our next home was a basement flat. It still only had one bedroom but was much, much larger. It had a kitchen diner, so we could all sit at the table to eat together. I had space to cook a proper roast dinner. We could invite people over without constantly apologising for the cramped conditions. For a basement flat, it brought in a surprising amount of natural light too. While it still wasn’t big enough really, we all really liked living there. It was the first place we had that I think really felt like home.

After a year in the basement flat, we made the big decision to move to Cardiff. We knew nobody here. We had wanted to move far away from our home town and searched for a suitable area for quite a while. Cardiff had green spaces, lots of cultural places to visit and is a thriving city where husband, and eventually I, could also find work. It just seemed to fit perfectly. We had just been on one day trip and decided that we loved it and wanted to make it home. So we did just that! Our new home was really lovely with  the brilliant bonus of a second bedroom – Pip’s first bedroom of her very own! At the age of two, I think it was pretty overdue! She loved it, even though it was a bit small. We made friends and settled in quickly. I really think we would have stayed in that flat for a few years. But after only one year, we received a letter from our letting agent telling us that the landlord wanted to sell it. With no possibility of affording to buy, we had to move. With little time to find a place, we had to rush to choose and the options weren’t brilliant.

We moved into the flat we’re in currently. It has two, big bedrooms but that’s about where the positives end. The bathroom is minuscule and doesn’t have it’s own window or adequate ventilation at all so we have to keep windows open in other rooms as much as possible. However, it has become home. Pip’s nursery is nice and close and we would probably have stayed here quite a bit longer had she been given a place in the school it’s attached to. At first we were disappointed not to be accepted but really, we reckon it’s turned out for the best. We’ve found a lovely new flat, close to what will become Pip’s new school in September, an easy distance for Husband to get to work and has some nice parks nearby.

The actual move is going to be stressful. I’ve moved enough times to know this as a fact of life. I’m hoping it’ll go as smoothly as possible. Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. good luck in your new move!!! we’ve just moved to a new house and i know it’s a big work, but as i can read, you’ve the experience 😉

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